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    I am looking to purchase a new fridge and wanted to know if anyone can suggest a good brand. I am looking at a top freezer 18-21 cubic feet. I currently have a Frigidare that is about 10 years old, still works, but one of the shelves has cracked and I think it’s time for a new one. Any suggestions from the CR members would be helpful and if you have a place with reasonable prices, that would be fantastic.


    I have a Kitchen Aid for years and I love it. GE is suppossed to be very good also.


    Are Kitchenaid’s expensive,my budget is under $600.00


    We JUST replaced our 30 year old Frigidare…. so I’d think before replacing based on cracked shelf alone. Google or call company for replacement if that’s an option.

    We bought from Town Appliance in Lakewood they were VERY helpful and knew the Jewish market. Today’s fridges all come with electronic switches so not so simple to buy from regular store without knowing what you are doing. They ship very cheaply so no problem for those out of lkwd.

    According to what Town Appliance told us- they don’t recommend GE fridges bec. they have been known to have problems on 3 day yom tovs when fridge switches are turned off. (they must be turned off to stop lights, fans, electronic temp. gauges from being effected each time fridge door is opened)

    We bought a Kitchen Aid fridge, and so far we are very happy.


    I dont know prices on that size fridge but i did buy from town appliance and was very happy with them. They would be able to tell you which brands are ok and which are a problem for shabbos like QUEEN mentioned. Your not looking for a very large fridge so kitchenaid might be within your budget. Whatever you do buy its definately worthwhile to purchase a service contract with it if you can. Hatzlocha


    thanks for your help queen and Ima, especially in regards to the GE problem.

    I was going to replace the part, but is was something like $80.00 and I had already replaced this self, maybe less then a year ago, it is a plastic piece that holds the glass shelf and underneath it it holds the 2 crisper draws, and since this fridge is quite a few years old, I was thinking maybe time to replace. I live in Flatbush, so going to Town Appliance in Lakewood is a little far and would like to see it in person, before I purchase something.

    I was thinking about an Amana or Frigidaire (again), anyone know of any possible issues with these brands?


    Frigidaire is very well priced and they have great products.

    My parents just got some new appliances at AJ Madison in BP. They were very helpful and delivery was the next day.

    By the way, Amana, Maytag, Kitchenaid are all one manufacturer.


    Mazal, call AJ Madison. I think they are in BP and they have awesome prices.

    Also, Town Appliance delivers to Brooklyn and you can ask them for models, look up pictures online and then order.


    SJSinNYC, yes they are in BP (Aj Madison). My parents just got a washer, dryer and a 16 cu ft all refrigerator from them. My parents were very happy with the transaction.

    They are well priced and extremly helpful. I think they have a website as well, u can try googling it, but since my parents live in BP they were able to just go into the store on 38th st.


    Actually went to a another major local electronic yystore where they had good prices and then went to AJMadison to try to match it. They said the price I got was great but they couldn’t match it but they were helpful and honest. I found AJMadison to have more high end products that were not in my budget, but thanks for the advice.


    A) check consumer reports

    B) Drimmers on coney island avenuehas been cited in mumerous even non-jewish publications as having some of the best buys and friendliest staff

    C) look for good warranty and return policy.

    D) Lowes has many reasonable priced fridges for the size and description. It is very easy to get ten percent discount coupons for lowes from various sites online, or from people willing to sell them on ebay for two-three dollars. You will save sixty bucks on a six hundred dollar fridge.

    E)PC Richard also is a good place there are a few in brooklyn they are actually advertising a few 18-20 cubic foots for with a fridgidaire starting at 429 for 18 cubic foot

    f) You should fill up the fridge for many simchas and happy occassions!


    I have not been pleased by GE appliances, in general.

    Our newest Sears Kenmore has been a disappointment, it does not close well, and it is not as good as our last refrig.

    You can get replacement shelves for Frigidaire refrigerators on eBay for much less than they cost at appliance stores.

    In general, you will be better off with a newer refrigerator. Our new (2.5 year old) refrigerator uses 1/3 of the electricity than the 20-year old refrigerator it replaced.


    I’ve been very happy with my Kenmore, which is actually a HotPoint. Today I was at Best Buy and bought a Frigidare to replace a very old one in my basement. They had the best price for the size I needed. I had already been to one of the stores mentioned in this thread, I did better at Best Buy.

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