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    Damoshe, thanks! We will for sure be looking into that area. My husband went to JEC for sometime, not sure f it’s right but I know there are ther schools too.


    Yeshivaguy45 thought that what was said about Hanna Sacks was Lashon Hara and maybe Motzi shem ra. Then he goes and says that Bais Yaakov High School says you do not need to look proper and be human. Hmmm.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    My relative in the “Five Towns” tells me that housing in Far Rockaway proper is significantly more expensive than Lawrence. Something to do with Real Estate taxes, and the more “Yeshivish” crowd wanting to live in Far Rockaway, driving the prices up.

    It’s true that Far Rockaway is more a desired location for the “Yeshivish” crowd than Lawrence, but the rest is not true AFAIK.


    midwesterner, I can see why you thought that what’s I meant but that’s not what I meant. What I meant was is that there are different hashkafic points at this area. Both schools are very frum. One happens to be more yeshivish than the other.


    Health – Make all the generalizations you want about P/C now, 20 or 50 years ago, but I don’t see where MR specifically said her ILs didn’t move to Passaic until after the Yeshiva was founded, just that they lived there then. They may have lived there before as well. In any case, you shouldn’t be making assumptions about MR’s ILs or their motives or level of Yiddishkeit.

    Kind Kalman

    If you plan on looking into Elizabeth, you have to look into Edison.

    See my above post about the place. It definitely is the place to be!


    gaslight -“Health – Make all the generalizations you want about P/C now, 20 or 50 years ago, but I don’t see where MR specifically said her ILs didn’t move to Passaic until after the Yeshiva was founded, just that they lived there then. They may have lived there before as well. In any case, you shouldn’t be making assumptions about MR’s ILs or their motives or level of Yiddishkeit.”

    I didn’t make any assumptions – all my comments were based on her posts about them. And her statement towards me that they lived there in the 90’s tells me that they were Not there prior to that.

    Perhaps you should read All the posts before commenting?


    Detroit MI

    Cleveland OH

    Dallas TX

    Memphis TN






    DY: I asked a guy who was in Far Rockaway for Pesach and he said the same thing. So I don’t know where you are getting your information, but double-check.


    Boston (specifically, Brighton, Brookline, and Newton) is a very nice community, but it ain’t cheap. Housing prices are comparable to the NYC area (or maybe even higher). If you willing to live a few miles away, Malden is more affordable and (I’m told) has a growing community.


    Boston is a VERY modern community (too liberal for me, actually- politically, that is).

    Baltimore, OTOH, is cheap, and has a nice mix of demographics- plenty of yeshivos (although they don’t have much of a frum MO day school; Beth Tfiloh is a community day school, and the other schools are very frum), R’ Berger’s shul has great learning, Ner Tamid, Suburban Orthodox, Netivot Shalom are all great shuls.

    Long Island has communities like West Hempstead, Plainview, etc. that are nice, but may not be too affordable.


    tzaddiq: Montreal and Toronto while both being very big communities and wonderful cities I would not recommend to anybody that doesn’t have a family motive to move to those cities. They’re actually the opposite of what the OP is looking for, both are extremely expensive (getting to the point of unaffordable), cold and you have to be Canadian or have a specialized profession to work there and in Montreal you have to speak french in order to work outside the Jewish community which is the reason for the gigantic Sefardic population that lives in Montreal. They are both nice cities with wonderful shuls and great for the right personalities but just too many headaches. save them for vacation spots.


    Have you seen the OU’s “emerging communities” stuff? I read an article a while back on this theme, with little paragraphs describing various far-flung out-of-town frum communities. To some extent it seems to be a way for these communities to market themselves to the restive New Yorkers. Go west, young families!


    The OU is hosting an event in Manhattan on April 21st from 12pm – 6pm that would probably be very helpful.

    Join the Orthodox Union and growing Jewish communities from around the country for a day of information, introduction and imagining.

    Pursue your dream of a professionally enriching, religiously and personally rewarding life in a community with affordable homes in a friendly, supportive neighborhood, helping to bolster the Torah environment.

    Register in advance at – private or call 212.613.8300 to obtain discount parking vouchers, an event tote and a chance to win an iPad.

    Meet community representatives and learn about:

    Communities Represented:


    Thanks everyone! My husband and I are actually going to the OU event on the 21st, so that should definitely give us a better idea and more options. As we have been thinking about this, I am leaning more and more towards not wanting to be so far from family. I grew up close to my grandparents and it was wonderful, I think I would feel guilty everyday for taking my kids to far from my parents. Oy!! I like what I have heard about hillside and Elizabeth. Those are definitely much closer. I guess we will see what stands out at the fair and look into all possibilities.


    I would say to try Los Angeles. They say that the housing there is totally affordable. Like under three million for a two bedroom. That’s right TWO bedroom, not one. If getting the most for your dollar is important, Los Angeles is the ONLY way to go!!

    (They might throw in a chicken for half price from Doheny Meats)!


    I went to one of the high schools in Chicago mentioned by some posters and I had friends in the other one. You have to know your child and do your research for that specific child. Each school has good and bad parts. To sit here and say the administration in this school is horrible or the school doesn’t care about the students is totally not called for. Chicago has very fine schools that educated and is educating very fine girls. It really hurt to read these posts. People should be careful about what they post here.



    I hear, but a bais yaakov should not make its girls want to go off the derech.


    I’m not going to comment on that comment.

    It made me shake my head and say oysh.


    I am still keeping shabbos, but its just more difficult and I am turned off from learning.


    I am sorry to hear that.


    Its ok, I will figure it out. I do occasionally enjoy a shiur, its just that I find most learning to be stressful.


    Vogue – I’m sorry to hear that, and I’m not sure when you went there but in every school some kids have bad experiences. I went to Hanna Sacks and had a great experience, the ruach was amazing, and preparing for erev shira after hours was really fun and really bonded us in a way that we were not able to during school hrs…my only hard times during those years were from things at home, not school.

    Morah Rach – If family is priority I highly recommend Chicago, as it’s only a 1.5 hr flight, and even though it takes a while (I’ve heard about 18 hours) it is drivable (I had friends that drove to NY every succos and pesach with 5 kids, sometimes stopping in cleveland for a night). Most of the weather, New York gets a few days after Chicago, so you shouldn’t find that particularly worse. Besides that, you actually have PARKING wherever you go, you usually go from and back into a garage for that half a yr. (BTW we had an automatic starter on our car so we could start it automatically from inside the house in the winter months – no de-icing! By the time we came out the car was warmed up, with heat and we could drive right out!)

    It’s a really well organized community (the achdus guide which is a community white pages & yellow pages, the vaad tzedakos that approves a green card for legit tzedakah collectors only, likutei pshatim which is a weekly parsha sheet with community classifieds which keep you up to date on events etc in the community), everything is clean and nicely kept up etc, and you have more restaurant options than a lot of “out of town” cities (oh and did I mention they have the best meats ever at Romanian? and a completely kosher bakery and deli with ready food at Jewel-Osco with a gigantic parking lot that always has spots)!

    If you are undecided, next time your family has a vacation, you can rent there and check it out first hand. But if you plan to leave the tri-state area (and are not considering moving to E”Y)- I highly recommend Chicago – wholeheartedly.

    (Not saying tri-state area is superior as I don’t think it is, but I know New Yorkers have a hard time leaving!)


    (How about Haifa?)

    I was just going to suggest it.

    If you aren’t zocheh to live in Eretz Yisroel, go for Chicago.


    Shtusim mentioned Valley Stream – any more info on that neighborhood?


    MorahRach- I don’t know if it’s too late, but I really think you’d love Toronto!

    It is probably one of the biggest Jewish communities outside Eretz Yisroel and New York. There are shuls that have a whole array of Jews on the Orthodox spectrum. It is a close knit community, plenty of young couples, middle aged and older families. There are plenty of schools including a MO high school that is seperate for boys and girls. The beauty of the community is that you really can find an area that you can fit perfectly into, especailly because many areas are just a big mix of more yeshvish and less yeshivish families living in harmony Baruch Hashem!

    Hope this helps! Hatzlacha finding a great fit for you and your family 🙂


    also it’s only a 9 hours car ride, or 45 minute flight! and there are many many many MANY flights going back and fourth everyday (also so many Jews, on many you could probably make a minyan!!)


    Does anyone know if there are community directories for the communities that have been mentioned (or those that haven’t been mentioned?) In Baltimore, we have an “Eruv Book” which, in addition to contact information for families and businesses, also has minyan and shiur listings, list of acceptable hechsherim, list of local Jewish agencies and programs, school information, zmanim, local attractions, travel information, guide to halachos, etc.

    I am wondering if something equivalent exists in other communities, since it would really be helpful for my husband and me in our research.


    Chicago has an acheinu directory

    Burnt Steak

    I’m sure most places have. You can google shuls and the cities and call them for information. Most places will be happy to help out.


    So where did you end up moving?

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