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    Frequently my 12 year old isn’t interested in what my wife has prepared for super so he’ll eat part of it and then leave the table. Naturally an hour or two later he is hungry. So he ask for a bowl of cereal. Last night I was having my super late as I watched eat a bowl full of Life cereal and after finishing that he wanted a bowl of Cheerios. My wife who generally speaking is more into good eating habits than I am said it doesn’t bother her since the cereal is healthy. I said, “But life is full of sugar?” So she suggested that next time she’ll tell him he can only have a non-sugar cereal like Cheerios or Chex.

    Personally, I don’t like the whole thing. I think he should be offered diner and if he doesn’t like it he can wash on some bread. There should not be an – ‘eat when you want, breakfast for super, free for all’ in the house.

    I’d like to know if others have similar situations and how you dealt with them.



    ok my brother is 12 years old as well hes exactly like that he never wants to eat the meal my mother will make for the family and his reason is bec. he doesnt want to be fleishig its a thing kids dont want to be cuz they feel restricted that they wont be able to have anything dairy im not sure your sons reasoning for not wanting to eat the suppers wat i suggest is that you ask him wat he would like to have and explain to him that eating cereal is a breakfast and not a supper work with him and he will work with you good luck


    Heshy, I (for one) agree with your approach.


    At 12 years old a boy is usually not available to help cook the dinner of his choosings. Perhaps he can make a list of his favorate suppers? Although he is not eating chocolate and candy, I still think that cereal is not doing the job nutritionally, as you are missing out on the protien and veggies. My nephew is around this age and is a little finicky about food.


    saying NO is vitamins to a child

    it is essential amino acids and protein.

    this is a wonderful opportunity for you to save your childs health and maybe his life.

    without it he wont be able to say no to himself when he is older

    he wont be able to say no to himself when he needs to compromise with his wife

    he wont be able to say no when his group of friends is getting drunk

    or trying drugs…


    arent you going a little exreme with this? hes a little child he wants to eat cereal so wat hel grow out of it youl see its a phase we all went through it as he gets older he will eat more normal meals


    “he wants to eat cereal so what he’ll grow out of it”


    little children want to do many things. some are harmful and some are not, but a parent must set limits. this is what a child needs. waiting for a child “to grow out of it” is dangerous. often children will “grow into it” the habit solidifying and maturing as the child grows older. a child who is allowed to eat what and where and when his taivas dictate can end up being an obese glutton.


    You cant saay no to everything.

    Adults dont like all foods Why should kids?

    My fatehr in law still eats cereal 5x a week for supper hes a skinny healthy adult, it’s just what he likes.(his mother made him eat chicken every night)



    100%. Dinnertime is for dinner.

    anon for this

    feivel, if the child is restricted to certain cereals, then he is not being given whatever he likes. Adding fruit to the cereal will help balance his diet too. Some cereals also contain protein, or he can eat some egg, peanut butter, or fish for protein.

    Whether the child in general eats enough is also relevant. I do think that if a child doesn’t eat much he should perhaps be given more latitude in his food choices if that will encourage him to eat more. (I may be projecting here, since my children are all underweight & tend to be picky eaters). Obviously if the child is overweight more restrictions may be appropriate.


    Important to be calm/chilled about food with kids. forcing them to eat something won’t be good, but you can have the good foods like cut up fruit and veggies available. Cereal and milk is probably better than fast food, french fries and pizza, but I still think it is a good idea for a kid to get used to and eventually enjoy fruit and veggies, that way they will eat it as an adult.


    A 12 year old is not eating for the sake of nutrition. FTR, there are very few cereals as far as I know that have no sugar. They include Shredded Wheat, Puffed Wheat, and Puffed Rice. As far as I know all others have sugar in them. Cheerios is only LOW in sugar, though very nutritious.

    I am not so into letting a child not eat his regular prepared dinner, but I would provide a variety of healthy choices. And even if he could help with the cooking, though many kids incluiding boys enjoy that, the family can sit down on Sunday evening and make a menu plan for the week together. Occasional sugary treats can be sprinkled in among the “good” stuff.


    you have to try your best, to serve nutritious meals, but don’t mach meshuga about it, cuz it will turn into a whole political issue. There are more importan things to focus on. YOu also don’t want yur teenage kids to be so obsessed with nutrition and dieting, it can turn into an eating disorder!


    “political issue”, don’t you mean “a power struggle”? must be because of the election coming up….

    But I totally agree with you, chalish


    Feivel- you are 100% correct. Protein and amino’s are important, but so are fruits and veggies. A 12 year old is not savvy (in most cases), to know about their proper diet and nutritional needs.

    Heshy- SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL HEALTH FOOD STORE! Don`t be victim to the SAD(Standard Ashkenazim Diet). Cereal is Breakfast not Dinnertime food.


    my parents were so into us not eating any nosh cuz we couldnt b bigger than a size 0 that we became crazy from it and would eat watever we want behing their back cuz we were kids parents shouldnt b too obsessive about it i think its wrong


    yank i meant that:

    saying NO to a child is SPIRITUAL vitamins, amino acids and protein.


    Welcome to the extraorindary, illogical (to adults) world of children / teenagers.

    Firstly all cereals with the exception of shredded wheat and natural oats are full of salt and sugar but that’s neither here nor there.

    Children as well as adults go through phases and making too much of an issue will create more of a problem. Yes, Dinner time is dinner time and if the 12 year old doesn’t want what is served ask him/her what they would prefer but do try to give it at the alloted time of your dinner. Try asking why they don’t want what your wife has made. Maybe they are not yet hungry. Maybe dinner is too early. Ask what the problem is. 12 years old is old enough to sit and talk with the child.

    Treat the 12 year old as a budding teenager and you will find that you are quite capable of getting an acceptable response


    Nothing wrong with allowing a child a bowl of cereal as an occassional substitute for what is beinng served to the rest of the family.

    As a child I was forced to eat many things I did not like, and I believe this is part of the reason my diet is poor now that I am an adult. I am underweight, btw………


    What about- the kitchen is closed?

    If they dont want to eat a lot at one meal, why not split up dinner? It could be that he isn’t hungry when dinner is served, or he cant eat so much then so he is becomes hungry later. So maybe have part a before the rest of the family has dinner and eat part b with the family. Or tell him if he wants to eat later, he can have a fruit ect.

    Eating occasional cereal is ok, but it should not become a habit. He should be trained to eat well when he is younger so that when he is older, he will make better choices.

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