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    I play music pretty seriously and have pretty high standards as to what music I listen to. Can anyone recommend some very good quality contemporary Jewish music?


    You do realize that any response is an invitation for you to say that the music in question
    doesn’t meet your standards (lashon hara) and so would be a violation of lifnei iver?

    (What standards are these, anyway? Quality is subjective, and
    doesn’t always match the level of technical sophistication.)


    Where do you like to hear the quality, arrangements, singing, or real instruments? What makes the music “high quality” to you?

    Shopping613 🌠

    What genre?


    Shlomo carelbach is by far the best!

    Git Meshige

    Pathetic question. Everyone has different tastes. What one loves another will hate. So its a waste of time surveying peoples opinions because it will never align to your liking


    People like different things in music, but there is such a thing as music quality. For example, if I devote the next ten minutes to composing a song and playing it on some rubber bands stretched onto an empty tissue box, that would be low quality.


    I think there are objective standards of what’s considered good music.

    Like wine.

    People who don’t know anything about wine will say that it’s all a matter of taste. When you go to the experts, they will tend to agree much more with each other as to what constitutes quality.

    I find that people who are not musicians tend to have a much wider view as to what constitutes as good music. And they will inevitably follow up with “If I like it then it’s good”, which is not true. It just means that that kind of music is the highest quality that they can appreciate, which is much different than what they said.


    I recently discovered the music of Yosef Gutman. He takes Hasidic nigunim (often from Chabad) and produces them in the style of a very high-quality jazz recording. Most of the songs are instrumental and are truly works of art. His most recent album is based on the nigunim of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh and is totally worth listening to. If you search for him on YouTube or Spotify you will find him.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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