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    I was wondering if anyone had read a book on parenting which they could recommend. I am specifically interested in books which discuss how to properly be mechanech each child based upon their individual personality traits, as well as how to understand what children’s behaviors are communicating.

    As for my own recommendations, two of my favorites are Rav Orlowek’s books on chinuch and parenting as well as “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, and Listen So Kids Will Talk” by Faber and Mazlish


    I’m a fan of Doctor Sears. I look at his stuff online a lot


    I found the parenting book written by Rabbi Ginsberg from the Yated to be very helpful. Both my wife and I read it together, we discussed every part and his approach is simple and down-to-earth. Things have really changed for us as a result and we even contacted him for some personal advice.

    Good luck!

    s-h mum

    Thank you for starting this thread

    Please can anyone also post good parenting books particularly for young kids up to age 5.



    What is the title of Rav Ginsberg’s book?


    parenting with love and logic is great. and I fouond 123 magic very helpful for discipline. love and logic covers everything, avtive listening empathy etc… 1,2,3 magic is basically broken down into 2 parts stop behaviors and start behaviors ex: stop behavior, tantrums, back talk any thing you want them to stop doing. Start behaviors are cleaning up bed time, homework. for me using the 2 books together I found made a world of difference. I also loved miriam levi more effective jewish parenting. and you can call the chazak hotline 718-258-2008 they have classes on parenitng and inspirational stories as well

    World Saver

    R’ Matisyahu’s book is one of the best on Chinuch.


    A Principal’s Principles, printed by Artscroll


    Rabbi Zechariah Greenwald’s book (and tapes) “Preparing Your Child for Success” is excellent. I know of a few people who run parenting classes and base much of what they teach on this book.


    There’s a book by a Mrs. (Rochel?) Arbus. Forgot the title but I liked it.

    And a secular book (sorry, but it’s good) – The One Minute Mother.


    I feel a good book is positive parenting by Rabbi Abraham Twersky

    you can find it at Eichlers

    tomim tihye

    Learning the principles of reinforcement (positive and negative), cognitive behavior modification, and behavior reduction strategies (eg- extinction) can be the most effective tool in parenting.

    I learned these principles by reading a college textbook called “Behavior Management” by Zirpoli, but there are many sources of this information.

    Dr. Haim Ginott’s book, “Parent and Child,” was very helpful, too.

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