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    what is a good time of day(or night) to be in the coffee room? I want a time when there are many people editing and updating the posts and a time when many people are posting.


    Good Luck–there is no pattern whatsoever,although we can all relate!


    im from israel so when its like 10 am by me i always check the coffe room….. and its really quiet and sleepy. lol and like at 4 pm in jerusalem its starts….


    Try at night. I’m always there then though sometimes are no mods checking posts.


    “koillel 101”

    Is your member name an indication of your true daily routine, or are you being sarcastic?


    best time i think lunch time then e/o’s there posting or call it breaktime.


    bpt- how dare you accuse me of not being honest!! Of course i love to learn- I just need a break sometimes to relax


    OK, Koillel, you’re the last post of the afternoon, unless I can stop by later in the day.

    Love to learn? Then “relaxing” on the web is not the place for you. Go for a walk, call your spouse, see if you’re inlaws / parents need something.

    On-line is no place for someone in kollel.

    As to why I would question your authenticity, there are several reasons:

    1) “Koillel” as opposed to “kollel”, smacks of Tuna-Bagel’ism, so right from the get-go, the alarm bells start ringing.

    2) The fact that you would use the term “kollel” in a screen name shows the contempt you have for that way of life. Not that I’m its biggest fan, but for someone on the inside to talk trash about it, that’s hurtful to the true-blue kollel members that see your post, and see the name you’ve chosen for yourself.

    If I’m wrong, I’m sorry.

    If I’m right, you owe an apology to the Kollel/Koillel familes you trashed.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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