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    Many afternoons – Israel time – GMail won’t send/download in Outlook. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting options out there. Spoke to Microsoft who told me it’s a problem with Google. Does anyone out there know anything about this, and can give me some direction?


    welcome-u are not quite new but u have not posted in 7 months


    shalom in Israel: sorry i;m of no help, but welcome!


    shalom in Israel- welcome back to life! Please stick around 🙂

    You need to wait around for one of the CR techies (aka CR geek squad;))to get back to you on this.

    Maybe CrashOveride or squeak… maybe Joseph? Who else round here is a computer wiz?


    unfortunately, my technical expertise is limited to certain specific areas. POP3 servers is not one of them.


    squeak, Oh, I guess you’re only the CEO or something;P I would’ve thought that you could be more helpful with this kind of question.



    So nice to know people remember me – it’s a good feeling. I’ve been working 24/6 for a while now, and rarely get a chance to do more than glance at the headlines. I’ll try to be more communicative! Have a good Shabbos everyone – oh and if someone does have an eitzer . . .


    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Areivim

    Shalom in Israel – how exactly is your Outlook configuration set up? Is it POP3, or IMAP?


    POP3. It doesn’t seem to be an Outlook problem – if it was, it would not download at all. It only stops once you guys are getting into the office in the States – kind of like an overload.


    Hmmm. It definately sounds interesting (btw – I’m not in the US). It sounds like the connection is getting overloaded somehow, which might be connected with the recent outages that Gmail has been having.

    When you say that it cannot download – does the download window show any errors? If so, what exactly do they say?

    I’ve been using Outlook connected to Gmail for years, and I don’t think that I’ve ever come across this happening for me (or for anyone that I know…)


    CrashOverride: where have you been lately! welcome back!


    For how long has this probleem been occuring? Has it always been this way, or did it only start recently?

    And of course the obligatory question: did you change any settings?

    Did you try to delete and reconfigure your Gmail account in Outlook?

    Does it happen on days that aren’t business days also (for example Sunday afternoon)?


    Daniel Breslauer: welcome back to the cr! we always see you on the homepage!


    Hi Jax. I lost my job a few weeks ago, so I have some more time now… Might as well spend some of it here, at least (some of) the discussions here are things one can learn from.


    Thanks for all the interest. I have not changed any settings, and today, Sunday – it’s working like a dream! My guess is overload, as CrashOverRide suggests. It’s only been going on for a couple of weeks.


    Jax – work has been so crazy lately, and then last week I popped off/into Israel for a chasunah…and today, I’m moving into a new apartment, so various things have conspired to keep me away from ‘social’ online time. Hopefully now things will get a little quieter 🙂

    YW Moderator-72


    do you have time to post a D’Var Torah this week? which night is better Wed or Thurs. go to the D’Var Torah thread and sign up.


    Daniel Breslauer: Oh wow! hatzlacha to you! great to have ya in the cr!

    CrashOverride: hatzlacha to you as well! it’s always great seeing old fun sn’s on the boards! enjoy the cr!

    where’s areivim?! i need my welcome squad! 😉


    am i the only person who still does not use gmail??? it feels like it! i just don’t know why i should change when evry1 knows my address @yahoo. is it worth making every1 nuts??? is it that much better?


    GoldieLoxx: try it. Just give it a try.

    I was among the first users, back in 2005 or so, and can’t imagine ever using a slow, annoying, spam-filled email service such as Yahoo or Live mail again.

    Also, Gmail has the added benefit for frum people, that you won’t see any picture ads, only text ads. So it is the most ‘kosher’ email service. Just that, combined with the other features (speed, efficiency of spam filter, number of options, combined functionality with all other Google services) is absolutely decisive for me.


    Folks – looks like it’s over – bli ayin hara! It’s 11:15am EST – and my gmail’s sending/receiving like normal. Thanks for all the interest. Let’s hope it will continue to run normally.


    GoldieLoxx – people change due to the quality of service, and ease of use. Over the years, I think that I have used every major email host/provider at some point, and some small ones as well. In the end, I happen to like Gmail’s service above everyone else’s, especially due to the uncluttered look/feel of the interface (& the fact that everything can be downloaded/synced with ease of use)

    Jax – thanks – it’s good to be able to be back in here 🙂


    Before Gmail came around, Yahoo, Hotmail and all the other gave only TWO MEGS of space per user!

    Gmail is on the cutting edge of technology and releases new and useful features LONG before anyone. And their spam filters are AMAZING.


    what about the hassle of switching all your info and informing your contacts?


    Goldie, I’m still using yahoo, always have, love it.



    Areivim – Gmail provides a very useful utility (which was actually just updated in the past few weeks) of pulling in all of the email and contacts from your old account.

    With regards to letting everyone know the new email address – a simple bulk email, BCC’ing all of the contacts, should suffice.

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