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    SG Studios

    Someone mentioned to me that even with our filter level being kind of high, since it has google it’s bad bec. even though you can’t open blocked google links you can see the links. I didn’t think this was an issue. Any comments?

    Duct Tape

    And with a proxy you can bypass most filters. The internet is a dangerous place. For every filter or block that comes out, eventually a workaround will follow. Its better to understand the dangers out there and learn how to avoid them. If an individual wants to get around a filter badly enough nothing will stop him. A filter is good for passively blocking content from appearing.

    As for Google, set your “Safe Search Settings” to “Use Strict Filtering” that should help exclude certain material from appearing in your results.

    YW Moderator-42

    Filters are good so you don’t accidentally come across something you don’t want to. Google can be a problem with this as mentioned. safe search can eliminate some of these problems.

    Many people can get around filters if they really want to. But it is still a deterrent. The more steps you have to take to get there the more chance that your yetzer tov will step in at some point in the process and stop you. Everyone has the Pintele Yid in them telling them to do the right thing.


    try covenant eyes, it sends your internet history to a person that you want which will be a reason that you dont do anythiong wrong


    I use k-9 internet filter and it forces safe-search.

    Maybe that could help you

    Duct Tape

    You should also make sure that the “Instant Preview” feature is turned off. This feature will show a screen shot of what is on the web page, without ever clicking on a link.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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