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    First of all, just as you mentioned in your post, you are Only 20 years old. That’s not even close to being “marginally” old as a single girl, even for the Shidduch scene.

    No one appears to be at fault here.

    Mothers worry. It’s what we do. All The Time. Sometimes, they go a bit overboard, and may blow things out of proportion, but in their heart, they are only doing what They think is best for you. They want to see their children happy. Some have “peer” pressure of their own to deal with. Watching their “friends” daughters getting married left and right can sometimes make them feel a little nervous and a bit self conscious at times especially when the other mothers are nagging them about their daughters.

    Everyone has quarks and “weirdness” about them, and that’s what makes us all human. Sometimes a first impression can be completely off. People get nervous, maybe it’s been a long day, or they’re going through other things at that moment. First impressions mean nothing, especially in the dating world. Date number 2 or better yet 3, are more calm and relaxing for both parties. Not that you should go on a second date with every guy you are set up with. It’s just something to consider when deciding whether the reason to not see them again is realistic or legitimate.

    Remember, the person you marry, will be your friend and roommate for the rest of your life. Many young women get so frightened about being “single” that they run into marriage without thinking of the long term aspects of it.

    I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with all of this, but I Promise, you are Not alone. There are so many girls going through this very thing, and many who are in their 30s. It’s a tough time in a woman’s life, but once you make it to the other side, this will all be just a distant memory. Something you will be able to laugh about some day in the near future 🙂

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