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    What are they going to offer that KRM, across the street, doesnt?

    Will their prices be lower?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    What are they going to offer that KRM, across the street, doesnt?

    A nice view of the KRM storefront.


    The buzz on the street is, its a very upscale place, with high end foods. Think: standing rib roast as opposed to chuck.

    The Pomegranate of BP. And yes, they will accept the EBT card 😀


    Who in BP can afford to shop here? Please explain this? I thought nobody has money anymore?


    “I thought nobody has money anymore”

    That’s only what we tell the tuition board. And the case worker.

    But in reality, its party hardy!


    Why would people invest in a Pomegranate type store in BP (esp if the bigger spenders live in Flatbush) if Pomegrante was rumored not to be doing that well?


    Who says Pomegranate isn’t doing well (other than jealous people)?


    Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst tends to be pricy, so I suspect the one in BP will likewise be expensive. I assume GG in Cedarhurst is doing OK because they expanded the store recently and they’re expanding into BP. Of course, there are lots of people in the 5 Towns who don’t have to worry about grocery prices.


    Gourmet Glatt in BP will be priced close to KRM pricing. The idea is to get all “Brand Name” foods under one roof. Store will be beautiful but the concept is completly different then Pomegranate.


    srulfrad, you seem to know. Please excite us. What will Gourmet Glatt in BP have that KRM doesnt? Everyone loves a bargain- rich, poor and middle-income folks. Saving time by getting everything in one store doesnt excite most people as much. Especially when the credit card bill comes.

    Im not that thrifty but I flipped when I noticed that I was charged over $10 for a bag of miniature LA HITS in one supermarket, that I could get for half the price in KRM, even though I’m chocolate addicted.


    Medium sized- I think your getting coffee addicted too. 😉


    I live in the developing world and I have not seen a store as cramped and uninviting as KRM in the past 10 years. I walked in once and walked out. It serves a great need, but I can understand how someone who can afford to pay even just a little more will pay just a little more for a nicer atmosphere.


    I didnt understand from their ads what they are going to be…

    1) a grocery?

    2) a takeout?

    3) a few diff stores/ a mall sort of thing?

    Anyone have a clue


    koillel, my coffee addiction surges generally when topics involving Shidduchim come up. 😉



    Im neither Rockefeller nor in the poor-house, but Im not happy paying a huge mark-up for any one item, when I need many.

    ~ ~ ~

    I looked at the 5TJT this week and saw a Gourmet Glatt ad. It was a page full of OU-d items. Aint gonna sell in BP.


    Has anyone been there yet?


    Poster: If it’s like the one in Cedarhurst, the various specialty departments are run by other companies, but they’re fully integrated into the store. So the bakery department is Zomicks (which closed their retail store on Central Avenue), the fish department is Ossies, etc. Everything gets checked out up front, so it’s not like a mall.

    yaakov doe

    Just came from there. Looks very nice, but I found the prices high as expected. Somewhat disorganized today with usual start up problems. Opening was delayed from 10AM to noon. The meat looked good and was of course fresh on opening day, but priced high. The only good prices I saw were eggs @ $.99 and large pomegranates @ 2/$1. Some items had no prices, but in general lowe than Pomegranate and much higher than KRM. No one seemed to be buying much.

    Unless there are sales I won’t be back.


    Thanks yd. I appreciate the update.


    iv just been there and it is absolutely stuning! for those of you who said its pomegranite in bp, it certainl looks like it. Its set up extremely conveniently with amazing products (plus free coffee, cupcakes..:)) i would totlay go the extra to shop there. i hear the prices are supposed to be normal, not extreme discount because its a nice store. i also would not compare the two, theyre not competing with eachother, i actually heard they met and are working things out. please be careful about loshon hora on both stores as its bound to damage either.


    Yakov doe- I don’t know anything about the store, but I believe your comment was pure Loshon Hora.


    Would saying S&W is more expensive than Century 21 be Lashon Hara as well (both are owned by Jews)?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Would saying S&W is more expensive than Century 21 be Lashon Hara as well (both are owned by Jews)?

    Better ask first, then post, rather than post first, then ask.



    It’s not loshon hora to state a fact that is easily able to be found out by anyone. Anyone can walk in and see the facts for themselves. It’s a fact that most stores are more expensive than KRM and everyone was expecting this place to be more expensive.

    I wish them well but I’m not sure what they were thinking.


    Would saying Shoe Palace is more expensive than M&M Shoes (not around anymore, but suppose they were), or vice versa be Lashon Hara as well (both are owned by Jews)?

    At some point, you start thinking maybe everyone ehrlich should have a permanent Taanis Dibur, outside of discussing recipes, etc, but even that isnt 100% safe, because it can lead to comparisons (better cookbooks to buy, better food stores to shop at, better restaurants to go to…) stating that one product or establishment is better than another and more worthy of patronizing.


    Medium sized

    That’s a good point. The truth is that the Halachos of LH are very complex and most people don’t know them well. However from what I recall when something is public knowledge it isn’t loshon hora. However even then it shouldn’t be discussed to disparage. Like to say I hate store XYZ they are such ripoffs blah blah is wrong. Just say I stopped shopping at store XYZ they are too expensive for my budget…


    Do they list their specials anywhere?


    Where is Mr. Friedman today?


    The original Mr. Friedman would be 90+ if not 100; I remember him as far back as 1986 when he had the smaller store on the corner. He was not a young man then.

    yaakov doe

    The original Mr Friedman was nifter about 5 or 6 years ago after he and his son Marty sold the store to the 2 partners who moved it accross 13th Avenue to the 13th Avenue Public market location. Once it moved it was never the same as the original Friedmans. Rosners on 14th and 45th is similiar to the original Friedmans store.

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