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    What is this government shutdown thing that YWN is reporting? Is this really happening? Someone please fill me in!


    It’s the apocalypse!

    The mayans were just off by a bit!

    people will begin to rise from the dead and the jews will all run home to Israel!


    Oh no! Zombieeeeeeeeees!!!! :O

    But seriously. I’m in the dark about this. 😛


    It’s really a gimmick to boost attendance at minyanim in the Baltimore-Washington area. The politicians disagree with each (as is their right, and perhaps their duty), and by failing to pass a budget, most federal agencies have to shut down when their appropriations expire at midnight on Oct. 1. Most of the federal civil service gets off from work (probably without getting paid), and that means more time for shul. It’s all beshert.


    House Republicans add provisions defunding Obamacare as part of the spending bill, Senate Democrats refuse to pass bill with said provisions. Lots of stonewalling back and forth, no spending bill is passed, and new federal fiscal year is about to start unfunded. Boom. Government shutdown.


    you wont notice any changes but will probably effect the GDP and federal govt workers the govt has a contingency plan that takes effect right away


    @OOM – Ahhhh okay. Thanks for telling me. That’s highly reassuring.

    Han624 – I think I prefer a zombie apocalypse to this. 😛


    May we all be in Yerushalyim ASAP with mashiach


    Blame Obama and Kol haKovod & Kudos to our Dear Republicans in the Senate for Filibustering and in Congress for standing up for what is the right thing.

    Everyone please bear this in mind as we go to Midterm Elections in 13 months time, and vote Republican on all slots.


    What can the shutdown accomplish other than cause a huge waste of hundreds of millions a day?

    YW Moderator-18

    WIY Mah nishtana halayla hazeh…

    ED IT OR

    cant stop laughing

    lets just shut the government down coz we cant come to an agreement like grown ups lol.

    also by the fact that things are still going as normal it dont seem you really need your government… lol


    When the government shuts down, do we get to swallow our fellow man alive?


    To be honest, I’m not surprised that something like a government shutdown is being used as another scare tactic to get people to move to Israel. Believe me, I’ve heard ’em all.

    It is so true that our country’s government is incredibly flawed, but to suddenly switch to “making aliyah is the only solution” talk is even more flawed. Seriously, the federal government that *just became inactive* (like, hello?) will control every aspect of our lives? Oh my gosh and golly goodness! I’m soooo afraid! :O

    Now that I understand what’s actually happening, I think the only people who should be worrying are those people who’ve been working with/for the government.

    People of the Coffee Room, if any of you would like to take yungermanS’s advice and move to Israel now, I wish you much hatzlacha dealing with its *socialist* (YES, SOCIALIST,) government.

    PS. How many times has the Israeli government experienced some form of shutdown or another due to protests? Please excuse me while I go to the fridge to put some more jam on my cottage cheese.

    PPS. I guess I’ll have to call up my mother and tell her I don’t want to work for the CIA anymore. I just learned the pay can get pretty bad.

    PPPS. For all of those people who will now jump at the chance to call me a hater, I am in full support of there being a Jewish state, but I am also a realistic thinker. Not even Israel’s government is perfect, and I’m not afraid to remind people that they might be grasping at straws.





    I think this arrangement is saving people tax dollars. I think so.


    Why should either party compromise. The Republicans (probably correctly) feel that Obamacare will seriously undermine the economy and undermine individual’s autonomy over their health care. The Democrats believe that Obamacare will significant improve the lives of most Americans and is a key to the future welfare of the country. Only a hypocrite would do something that believe will cripple the nation in return for a short term political gain.

    And it shows the strength of our separation of powers, withs its checks and balances. This is how the system should work. If you prefer something smoother – try North Korea. No shutdowns there.


    Bookworm, Lol.


    My opinion = shut er down! remove obamacare!

    let the the narcissistic socialist bully of a president call any1 whatever names he wants. hes a child and he has to learn – Not Everything Goes His Way!

    A Gov shutdown,, not so scary.. the fact the president on his own accord (illegally) is subsidizing healthcare for his staff and congress and to whoever he needs on his side… very simplyy hes paying ppl off and nobody seems to care…That lack of lawlessness, Now that is scary..

    for those who dont know – a goverment shutdown means is, the core essential goverment still works, but state parks museums and non necessities shut down..

    also if they cant settle the budget by oct 17 (the debt ceiling).. things will get ugly

    and @Bookworm120

    you are very mistaken to think they won’t control you, the only reason why the gov is shut down is because of the few ppl left who are fighting for the ppl and prevent the federal gov from taking full control are shutting it down


    @sharp and the-art-of-moi – Thanks!! I apologize if I offended anyone with the above post; refuting fear mongering is something I feel strongly about.


    I live in the Orient Thousand of miles away from the USA, and it is even making big news over here, but the USA and in particular President Obama, are making laughing stock of themselves across the entire world.


    @147 – LOL, I’m not surprised. 😀 You live in the Orient? That’s so cool!


    The shutdown is the IT guys’s solution to any problem; “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

    Ben Levi

    My biggest problem is that whenwever some place closes down they have a sale yet the U.S.A gov shut down and not only did they not have a sale they even said we still have to pay our taxes!


    The main problem with the shutdown is that it’s all the wrong parts of government that are shutting down. We still have to pay taxes but the IRS doesn’t have to answer our questions. We can’t go to national parks, which were there before there was a government; but the NSA is still groping grandmas.

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