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    I’m Hoping this lasts until April 15 so I won’t have to pay taxes this year.



    The guys controlling all this need your taxes to pay their salaries, so that won’t happen.



    I’m hoping this lasts forever so we can have a 25% payroll reduction in the Federal government. A quarter of the government has been closed for almost a month and life goes on. We can save the money by cutting so much governmental fat.


    Avram in MD


    “I’m Hoping this lasts until April 15 so I won’t have to pay taxes this year.”

    If you’re a normal employed person, your taxes have already been deducted from your paychecks all year long. So yes, if you owe a bit more you might not have to pay it until the government reopens, but if you’re due a refund, you won’t get that either.


    Avram in MD


    “A quarter of the government has been closed for almost a month and life goes on.”

    You do realize that more than half of the workforce in the closed government agencies are continuing to work every day with no pay, right? Most businesses can go on for a short while half staffed and still do the essential functions to keep afloat, for example during the non-Jewish holiday season, but that won’t work long term. And eventually the staff will get upset about the missing paychecks. FTA and DHS employees continue to work so the airports stay open. FDA and USDA inspectors are still make sure the food and drug supplies are safe, and NWS employees continue to issue weather warnings.


    Avram in MD

    Also, compensation to Federal workers is about 15 percent of discretionary spending, which itself is only about 30 percent of the Federal budget. So your “25% payroll deduction” causes quite a bit of harm for very little fat trimming.



    1. Collecting taxes is an essential function. Interestingly enough, paying refunds is not.

    2. It is bad for “contractors” but no one else is horribly affected since they pay the money at the end. The government doesn’t save money by a shutdown, but it loses some fees it would have collected. Non-essential civil servants in the affected agencies (about a quarter of the agencies) get bonus vacation as a result of a shutdown, i.e., they get paid for not working.

    3. We should all be proud of the politicians of both parties who are keeping their promises. Trump promised to build a wall, and the Democrats promised he wouldn’t.



    You will still owe the same money you owe now the only difference is you won’t get your refund nor get help from the other the IRS.




    IRS is still collecting money. Businesses are still paying payroll taxes.



    the problem with most politicians nowadays is that they are more interested in hurting the opposing party rather than helping the citizens of this great country
    make politics great again
    (or at least better)

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