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    why are there so many goyish tunes in jewish music (I heard on YWN radio the lyric to crazy frog, also my wife is trying to make a powerpoint and she got a medley from a certain cd that has the titanic song) not to mention piamenta’s famous song

    can’t we come up with our own tunes


    ☕️coffee addict

    I’m refreshing this because no one posted anything



    We can. Its just a lot easier to fix something than start from scratch especially when most people wont know the difference. But at the same time there is some really good stuff out there (of our own).

    Think of the really good songs. Most of them are original tunes.




    There are a few possible reasons for this:

    1) Jewish composers may think no one will realize if they use tunes from non-Jewish songs.

    2) Jewish composers may be influenced by some non-Jewish composers and incorporate some of their favorite tunes into their songs.

    3) Some Jewish composers may not actually be talented enough to write their own material.

    4) Some Jewish composers may be mostly after the money and use non-Jewish catchy tunes because they know people will like it, and therefore will buy their music.

    5) Some Jewish composers are trying to reach out to people used to listening to non-Jewish music by using tunes they may be familiar with, to get them to listen to Jewish music.

    There are probably more possibilities that I haven’t listed.


    ☕️coffee addict


    so you’re saying that jewish composers steal copyrighted material from goyim? (ganeivas akum is assur btw)



    Geneivas akum is assur. But intellectual property can’t be “stolen” under halacha and it doesn’t have a din of property.



    coffee addict: Yes, I am saying that it is quite probable that some do. I would hope though that they all get permission from the original artists first.


    ☕️coffee addict

    are you sure shlishi?

    theirs a whole book about copyright in halacha (called copyright in jewish law under felheim publishers) and you still have something called dinah D’malchusah



    Because sometimes the music is just that good!



    parodies are 100% legal…and technically it could be called a parody…also can we stop discussing this issue? its been done to death…


    ☕️coffee addict

    parodies are 100% legal…and technically it could be called a parody

    I’m not talking about yossi green songs, I’m talking about famous songs

    also can we stop discussing this issue? its been done to death

    how so? (my question hasn’t been answered)

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