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    I grew up with “Goyisha” Music and boy let me tell you it is hard to give it up. I never really got to enjoy the “Jewish” music scene except for perhaps Shwekey. I haven’t found anyone to compare to Springsteen,Fleetwood Mac,Simon & Garfunkel,Neil Young and their ilk. Of course, there are great Jewish muscians so maybe for me it is just a nostalgic thing. I realize that its not the best for a yiddishe neshamale and that their music contains thier ideals nevertheless….

    Begin the day with a friendly voice

    A companion unobtrusive

    Plays that song that’s so elusive

    And the magic music makes your morning mood



    Pac / Man

    Nu, some BT’s miss pork. They live without it nonetheless.


    its a completely different musical style. jewish music is almost predominantly folk. youre used to rock or whatever…ofc its gonna be different


    Simon & Garfunkel are Jewish 😉

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Don’t belittle the struggle to give up something enjoyable. It’s a big nisayon.


    u can stop after you realize that Jewish music is so much more meaningful, can give you advice sometimes, help you when you’re struggling and can inspire you to do good 😀

    i think most of the time non-Jewish music is just telling about their problems that b”H we don’t come close to having, most of their songs is nonsense and can even influence you to do bad, or topics we are Not interested in b”H.


    How does Matisyahu give bad influences?


    Daas Yochid:

    Pork is also enjoyable, hence the comparison. No belittlement.

    In fact, once when asked what he misses most since he became a BT, the response was pork.


    Heshy: I admire you for every song you don’t listen to. It’s extremely difficult to give up something as catchy and fun. Perhaps you can allocate a specific time to which you will not listen to goyish music. Slowly, you can lengthen the timing.

    Hatzlacha Rabba.

    Basket Of Radishes: You sure you’re on the right site?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    How does Matisyahu give bad influences? ,/em>

    I don’t think it’s about the words, I think it’s about the sound.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Pac(-?)(/?)( ?)Man,

    “Nu,” implied belittlement.


    DY: I hadn’t intended that as a belittlement. I intended that to indicate that giving up goyisha music shouldn’t be thought of as lifting a ton of bricks.


    Make sure at weddings

    Baker Street or the Final Countdown is not played when the Chosson and Kallah are introduced for the first time


    DY – (/)()(-) lol!


    i really feel for you. its so hard giving up music we love and grew up with. i have a compromise. i stopped listening to songs whose lyrics i’d be embarassed to repeat out loud. thus i can listen to a lot of songs that aren’t problematic, and don’t have to give everything up. many artists have some songs which are inappropriate and others which are ok so that’s what i do. i also started listening to opera arias, so beautiful, but i have no idea generally what they are saying, although i understand its mostly nonsense but not inappropriate.- i do think its ridiculous that theycan sing with such emotion and be saying nothing really important


    Pork is also enjoyable…

    In fact, once when asked what he misses most since he became a BT, the response was pork.

    I think pork itself is disgusting…but bacon is a different story.

    Either way, I remember that Rabbi Akiva Tatz says there is a kosher way to fulfill all non-kosher cravings. Such as by preparing the udder of a cow correctly, one could make it taste like meat mixed with dairy.

    Either way, I’ve compiled a small list from my own experience:

    -Kosher Bacos are very similar in taste to (although not as juicy as) bacon.

    -Basic ham tastes like licking your sweaty arm on a hot day (just not as salty or hairy)

    -Lobster really doesn’t have any taste (that’s why people dip it into sauce).

    -Crawfish tastes like mud…same with most (but not all) catfish.

    -Imitation crab (made from fish) actually tastes better than the real flavor of crab, but people just like to break the shell of the crab & that’s what’s fun about eating it; same thing with lobster)

    -Some pickled “whole” Okra tastes & has the same texture as shrimp.

    -Turtle & rabbit taste just like chicken.

    -Drywall & cardboard tastes just like matzah…sorry, but it’s true.

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