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    any suggestions on which side of the Grand Canyon is best to see in the summer (due to the heat) and in general the most cost effective way to see the grand canyon… of course minyanim info would be most appreciated as well…. thanks!!


    The North Rim is alot less crowded and much cooler.

    Its also more rustic. There are alot more people and development on the South Rim.

    Its a bit cheaper on the North Rim. You need to drive there from Las Vegas (Its about 200 Miles from Las Vegas, which has several Minyanim and Kosher Restaurants)

    I dont know about daily mintanum , but in general if you want to visit the national Parks forget about Minyanim. Ive been to all the major national parks and there usually are very few jews there (Ive seen some, but not enough for a Minyam)


    Ive travelled a bit and if you insisit on davening with a Minyan, you options are limited. Not an opinion just a fact

    Many places only have a Chabad house (If that much) and may only have a Minyan on Shabbos , Some only have for Mussaf and Mincha (They Daven Mincha after the Kiddush as they cant get a Minyan later)

    And if there is a Jewish community with say a Young Israel or similar it might not be in the place you want to be, and might be hard for an outsider to find, Sort of like Trying to find Borough Park if you are staying in Manhattan (Its not easier or close for an outsider)

    As the summer travel season begins you will have to make choices, some not so easy. Is it more important to Daven 3 times a day with a Minyan or See Yellowstone National Park (for example)

    Can you daven in a Chabad house or a Young Israel , Maybe with shittos you dont agree with


    We have a Grand Canyon in Haifa. Of course, it’s a mall.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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