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    What are your fondest memories of doing something with your grandfather? Or for that matter, his role in your life.

    I didn’t know my grandparents (hy”d) and now I am a grandfather.


    First off – Mazel tov on the birth of what I am assuming is your first grandchild. You should have a lot of nachas from this child and all of the future ones, byz”H.

    Not coming from a religious background and hardly knowing my grandparents, except for my mother’s mother and my father’s father (and him only briefly), I have always envisioned grandparents as being in a backup support role for their children. With the parent’s permission, I would suggest having a treat ready for boys who memorize mishnayos or other good deeds. I remember my father, who was almost 80 at the time, trying to teach my 6 month old son how to crawl. Memorable pictures from that.

    Most of all, I would say spend time with your grandchildren. Tell them about yourself, about your parents and what you know about your grandparents. Make sure they know their family heritage. Give them Jewish pride. Love them!


    just smile and give out lollipops and then let the kids go play with the toys!! Dont expect them to pay attention to you and have a conversation- just be the jolly one and they will like to come when they get older.

    P.S. also, dont give advice unless asked. they get enough advice from their parents and teachers and resent being told by more adults what to do


    My grandfather that just passed away before Rosh HaShanah once bought me maftir on Yom Kippur. It ment so much to me. I was 14 at the time, and yes both my parents are alive.

    I miss you Zaidy.


    A grandparents role is unconditional love. With such a cutie pie, it shouldn’t be too complicated!


    I agree with everything posted above. But I wan to add one thing. Don’t be a lawyer between the grand children and thier parents if not asked too. It will make the adults hate you and the children will pick up on it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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