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    Does having a small amount of gray strands in your hair and beard (vast majority is black) in your 20’s, that becomes white in your 30’s (both in hair and beard but vast majority remains black), indicate anything (and what)? There is no hair loss B”H.

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    Yes, that you’ll probably have even more white in your 40’s.

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    Englishman: I think that a small amount of grey in your hair and your beard indicates that you probably look very distinguished. Some people (depending on their occupation) actually pay money to achieve the same look. In the world of business it could be considered a sign of maturity and experience.


    Its alot easier to fix grey hair than it is hair loss.


    I personally think having some greys is a very distinguished look- i wouldnt say it look bad. I guess I’m bias because my mothers family all grey early, so im used to the beautiful silvery look @ age 30… and you said your not balding…so bh for that…my whole dads side yea…im wondering what my heads gonna lean towrd- HOPE NOT BOTH!!:)lol

    Chances are depending on how many grey hairs you have you’ll double the amount in five to seven years.


    What is there to “fix”? Is there a problem with it?


    Do women gray (or whiten) differently – or at a later age – than men?


    Well I actually also know someone with grey hairs in their 20

    And I believe and there has been science experiments that have shown it is because of stress!go figure


    Well I dont like it. Makes me look old.


    Isn’t it assur for men to color their hair to touch up grey?

    It seems as though some young men (even Mesivta age) are already greying. Reminds me of the Hagaddah.


    men are not allowed to color their hair so you will have to get used to it. keep it well groomed and you will still look nice.

    minyan gal

    zahavasdad – age is actually shown more on the face than the hair. Even if you have a lot of grey hair, if your face still looks young, people can tell that you are young. This past Shabbat, at my shul there was a Bar Mitzvah. When the bochur’s father went to the bimah, my friend said to me that he looked quite old to have such a young child – he had a full head of silver hair. I said to her that I thought he looked young and it was just his hair. When they walked around with the Torah, it was easy to see that the father was probably no older than his early 40’s – if that. My friend then agreed with me – it was only his hair and from the distance it was hard to tell his age.


    It indicates nothing. I have substantial hair loss and little discoloration. An older friend of mine has minimal discoloration and no hair loss at age 70. Three people I know, two brothers and, oddly enough, their brother-in-law (no blood relation and no ancestral geographic connection besides Har Sinai), have full heads of white hair and all went grey in their 20’s.

    Stress is not a factor. Neither is weather; one of the 2 brothers moved from a warm climate to a very cold one (and that is what I thought caused his premature greyness), but the other moved from a warm climate to a downright hot climate. The third grew up in and remains in a colder climate. The older man went through the war and the Communists and lived in many places. He had a very stressful life and still does as an askan. I also moved from a warmer climate to a colder one.


    The three younger men had and have very peaceful and fulfilled lives and grew up and continue to live in very fortunate circumstances KAH so that they spend their time spreading Yiddishkeit without having to worry about financial matters. I am somewhere in between.

    In any case, stress has nothing to do with hair color. In extreme circumstances such as malnutrition or L”A hair growing back after medical treatments health can have something to do with greying.

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