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    Gotta great money making idea. Since the Big Gulp will soon be banned in N.Y. (Bloomberg is a cruel dictator depriving NYers of a basic necessity), rent retail space in neighboring states in close proximity to ny, and sell big gulps and super size slurpees. You will have deprived nyers lined up for miles.

    Q-are people allowed to enter ny with a Big Gulp if they did not purchase it there?-do they need to save the receipt in case a cop pulls them over?


    LOL. As a big gulper, I can tell you that the whole reason for a Big Gulp is to gulp it down within 10 minutes on a hot day or after spicy food. There is no point to it if you have to drive or take the PATH/train/bus across state borders to get one.


    There are 7-11’s on the Nassau-Queens Border




    I have a better idea. You sell smaller cups, that have a false bottom!

    (Or, even better, you offer a deal if you buy two small ones. And you give out free cups….)


    Here’s what the law says. Do you think my trick works?

    (a) Definition of terms used in this section.

    (1) Sugary drink means a carbonated or non-carbonated beverage that:

    (A) is non-alcoholic;

    (B) is sweetened by the manufacturer or establishment with sugar or another

    caloric sweetener;

    (C) has greater than 25 calories per 8 fluid ounces of beverage; and

    (D) does not contain more than 50 percent of milk or milk substitute by

    volume as an ingredient.

    The volume of milk or milk substitute in a beverage will be presumed to be less

    than or equal to 50 percent unless proven otherwise by the food service

    establishment serving it.

    (2) Milk substitute means any liquid that is soy-based and is intended by its

    manufacturer to be a substitute for milk.

    (3) Self-service cup means a cup or container provided by a food service

    establishment that is filled with a beverage by the customer.

    (b) Sugary drinks. A food service establishment may not sell, offer, or provide a

    sugary drink in a cup or container that is able to contain more than 16 fluid


    (c) Self-service cups. A food service establishment may not sell, offer, or provide to

    any customer a self-service cup or container that is able to contain more than 16

    fluid ounces.

    (d) Violations of this section. Notwithstanding the fines, penalties, and forfeitures

    outlined in Article 3 of this Code, a food service establishment determined to

    have violated this section will be subject to a fine of no more than two hundred

    dollars for each violation and no more than one violation of this section may be

    cited at each inspection of a food service establishment.


    The cups are the more expensive part of the drink sale so the two cups idea wont go over well. A better idea is to sell diet soda in large cups and allow one free refill. That way you can spill out the diet soda and refill with sugary drink


    7-11 is not impacted by the law. The NY Times did a video thingy on the law and how absurd it is and how only specific instances are illegal. So if you can’t buy it in one store, just go next door and buy it.


    I have an idea a bit similar to PBA’s. You invent a cup that has retractable, slide-up sides. You sell the cup as a medium with the sides down, and let the customers figure out on their own that the sides come up to get a fuller cup.


    BSD they used to do that in Iceland for beer.


    Nudder idea. Smoking has been banned in public areas since forever. Convert all the no longer in use phone booths into smoking booths with built in ventilators to suck out all the smoke. No one should have to freeze off their hahum just to catch a smoke.

    daniela- Are you from Iceland?

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