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    I just heard URI DAVIDI who is a brand new singer by a wedding and he is by far for the best out there now does anyone know if he is putting out an album?


    I also heard him. Very impressed with the voice. I wish him much Hatzlacha.


    Is that the choir director from Achim?


    He is a great singer and GREAT and i mean GREAT PERFORMER!!

    i heard him at a few chasunas in the tri-state area and i was quite impressed, he has something that other singers dont got, cant explain it….i wonder if he will ut out an album too, i really hope. i think he is hooked up with the big names too… but i wish him much success in the meanwhile


    heyya ya i have two of his cds and theyr rlly good!! ruchot tovot and lakol zman..:) u cud buy them online on onlysimchas and download them for like 4 dollars cheaper then cud burn onto a cd!! i luuuvvv saving money!!(then wasting it!!)


    oops…. i just realized i was talking abt UDI davidi not uri… are they brothers??


    No , no relation as far as I know , and definetly different style, udi is israeli mizrachi while uri is a yeshivish chasuna singer in the tri state area

    Alsso I think he was a big chior director in camp achim in the cAtzkills a few years ago as mentioned


    If u google his name URI DAVIDI u will find him on YouTube singing with SHWEKEY at a chasuna…


    His the greatest singer


    I just heard URI by a wedding he was awesome really a great performer and a lot of pump!


    I hear that he is doing a lot of wedding and he is still a reasonable price does anyone know how to contact him?????


    It’s like free advertising, and no one will ever know!!!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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