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    I do find their beliefs on homosexuality and public policy perplezing at times; I hold very much like R’ Dr. David Novak, whose writings on social issues reflect better Hazal’s understandings of these matters. No matter how you cut and dice it, Bereshit Rabbah 26:5 and Vayikra Rabbah 23:9 do express the sentiment that moral decisions among the umot haolam are of serious concern to Jews (these midrashim make the claim about the Mabul expressed above). There is also a statement in Hullin 92b where Hazal discuss the Sheloshim Kesef in Sefer Zecharyah, and Ulla says this refers to the 30 mitzvot that Bnei Noah undertook to keep, 3 of which they kept, including not writing ketubot for homosexual couples.

    Another meta-question I have is this: If Jews were supposed to have a laissez-faire approach to morality (not just sexual issues) among the gentiles, then why did G-d send Yonah to Nineveh? Why did Hazal express so many concerns for morality among gentiles?


    Also, judging schools by their students current actions as in “YCT alumnis do this” is dangerous. I am sure many of our yeshivas have students who are now in jail. Does that mean our yeshivas are evil?

    (In my case, yes, it is evil and is like an ir hanidachas and should be destroyed.)

    Ben Levi


    I don’t know what you mean by going to far, I simply qouted word for word from Dialogue, and what I qouted is a fact based article.

    Rav Tuv

    Yes, there are people associated with YCT who are massive Talmidei Chachamim

    Oh how we have fallen. “massive talmidei chachamim” Prey tell who are these massive talmidei chacamim? Sam2, i’m calling you out on this one. Who are they? and what makes them massive talmidei chachamim?

    FWIW, Lopatin the new president of ytc is about as lw as you can get. The only thing lopatin holds should be below the knee is a mechitza. A complete am haaretz.


    I wouldn’t place corruption, pedophilia, fraud, tax evasion, abuse, etc. in the same category as advocating progressive ideas. To equate the two is scary and shows a lack of moral compass.


    Ben Levi: Going too far means refusing to acknowledge that there can be Talmidim at YCT who are seriously interested in learning and that some of the teachers could be Talmidei Chachamim.

    mz: Dov Linzer, for one, is an Ilui and a Gaon. I can’t speak about his Hashkafos at all, but his knowledge of Shas and Poskim is tremendous.


    Being a Talmud Chochem is not synonymous with someone who likes and knows how to learn. Anyone who lacks mesorah is not a talmud chachem, no matter the amount of learning he has under his belt. In addition to his learning, a Talmud Chochem is a yora shamayim who continues to follow in the hashkafos of his rebbe.


    Of course there are Frum Jewish Billionaire Philanthropists on the Forbes ‘The World’s Billionaires’ I will list 4 of them off the top of my head:

    1) Jeff Sutton

    2) Ronald Perelman

    3) Dan Gertler

    Most likely Joe Sitt within 3 years, and Jared Kushner one day.

Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)
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