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    I’m looking for team vs team games recommendations for a group of jr high boys for Shabbos Afternoon.


    How old are they, what’s your budget, and what’s your time-frame?


    Jr. High, unlimited budget, no time-frame


    I forgot to ask how many boys. No time-frame means you don’t care how long or short the game is? (Is junior high 12-14? I’m from Lakewood…)

    Also, if you specifically want teamwork, what about

    fully cooperative games (all players working together)?


    11-13, and I want team vs team

    I don’t care about length

    about 20 boys

    Little Froggie

    we used to play Gemara baseball when we were kids.. Two teams, each gets to ask the other a series of questions… innings, pitches, fielders.. make up the rules as you go


    How about the old standard of charades, but the topic has to be based on the parsha or something related to what the group is learning.


    Commercial games usually can’t handle 10 people per team (or will involve deception)… Can they split into 2 groups of about 10 each?

    (Perhaps you should just Google large group games…)


    (If you don’t reply, I’ll assume you only want a game the entire

    group can play at once, and not games for 4/6/8(/10) players.

    I don’t know of any suitable ones, though.)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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