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    At what stage in ones life can you be considered to be getting old? How have you handled becoming a senior? How is it different than life was during your youth? Is it scary?


    Today, I am older than I have ever been.

    Tomorrow is likely to produce the same.

    The Wolf


    Every day, expect that day to be your last. And act accordingly. Do teshuva. So say the Seforim HaKedoshim.


    You’re older than you’ve ever been

    and NOW you’re even older

    and NOW you’re even older…

    The Frumguy

    Getting older is always better than the alternative!


    “Every day, expect that day to be your last. And act accordingly. Do teshuva. So say the Seforim HaKedoshim.”

    The alter of Slabodka said that before 30, one should not contemplate death, etc, bec it subdues the natural youthful exuberanc that younger people have. AS far as teshuva for preparation for your death, there is an axiom in halacha that someone who is aliva and well has a chazaka that he will live for at least one year more – so if he goes missing and we don’t know where (excluding, for example, if he was captured by terrorists who have the annoying habit of beheading captives on live video) or why or other details. Therefore, it is brought down in seforim that mitzvos which we do only once a year, one should be extra machmir for bec there is no chazaka that he’ll be around next time, and there is a big inyan mystically which we hold of that the last time of any mitzvah is in many ways the most significant and definitely has the most potential power. However, to do teshuva every day as if expecting imminent death for us bazman hazeh is probably wrong bec after the first few times it becomes rote and insincere, and if chas veshalom the real time of imminent death rolls around, it will be much harder to say it sincerely. And stam, insincere vidui is itelf a sin, and we even say an al chait for it on yom kippur.


    MT: What’s your source that we assume someone will live for a year? The Poskim barely hold a Chazakah that one will live for more than a few days. See the discussion of one who is only given one day to get out of jail/the army. Also, see the long Nishmas Adam about this Chazakah. (I forget where; maybe Hilchos Rosh Hashanah?)


    Sam2: ill get back to you after y”t hopefully iy”H. But it’s pashut that it’s true. I heard this many times from my Rosh HaYeshiva


    After all the matzah I have comnsumed this week, this question has become more relevant to me than ever before. All kidding aside, I am VERY grateful to be growing older and hope to be VERY old someday B”EH and in good health. I likewise wish you all, the same.


    Dear OP,in the first sentence of your query you asked for a stage in life as opposed to specific age.

    re stage in life:

    I do think men and women somewhere bet40-45 start to be viewed by themselves and others as getting older.I think a reality starts to sink in more between 45-55 as a result of life experiences.(A stark example at this stage is having to take more care of your own parents, or to a lesser extent a doctor reminding you that you cannot eat all the things you used to enjoy).

    Re being a senior: Once you are zoche to be healthy and past 70, it is all a matter of Mazel, and Davening to Hashem to sustain your mental and physical Koach as long as possible. Staying active, a caring family,positive mindset and remembering that age is just a number(just because you are numerically a senior doesn’t mean you always have to act like one) are all key. You can have a 85 year old doing better then a 70 year old if they are able to stay active and maintain positive outlooks on their station in life.

    Re scary: Aside from the fear of infirmities that can come with old age, each new stage of life while many times happy, is scary for anyone concerned about accomplishing what they were supposed to. Whether it be while in yeshiva, college, career, or relationships… there are certain things you set to accomplish in all stages and areas of life.

    While Boruch Hashem, we know Hashem judges favorably and with Rachmonus no matter what, people tend to be harsher on themselves for what they could have or should have done.The fear of time passing and rectifying faults REAL OR PERCEIVED is inevitable for any senior. As a senior you have a magnified fear of perhaps not using your G-d given tools to their greatest extent and worst of all, mistakes made or regrets over things that you could have done differently. It is important to remind yourself at these times what Boruch Hashem you did accomplish.

    May Hashem guide us through all our stages of life, that we should be able to accomplish and do what is right and be a person Sameach Bichelko.


    “Once you are zoche to be healthy and past 70, it is all a matter of Mazel, and Davening to Hashem to sustain your mental and physical Koach as long as possible.”

    As opposed to before 70, when. . . ?


    moche timche may Hashem bless you with a long healthy life. Obviously you have to daven for success at any age however you need special Zechusim as a senior.

    In fact we plead especially to Hashem for this on Rosh hashana yom kippur and all selichos days, when we say Altashlichenu liays Zikna kichlos kochainu al tazvenu it is an acknowledgement of a special Rachamim needed when you get older. If it was just tefilos then kabel birichamim uvratzon in the first verse of shema koleinu would suffice we single this out along with the other special requests.Aside from tefillos in tehillim and throughout tanach we find instances of need of special Rachamim when we get older. Simchas


    moche timche may Hashem bless you with a long healthy life. Amen. V’chen L’mar.


    and NOW you’re older STILL



    lol OOM


    today im the oldest ive ever been, and the youngest ill ever be again.

    its scary.

    but ive heard that old people have something in their brains that make them accept death. because, like someone once told me, no one wants to live forever.


    It saddens me that aging will ultimately kill me and all the ones that I love


    If you are scared of getting old do something meaningful with your life.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    We sjhould all be xoche tho. moshiach Tzidkeinu before we die.


    Just dropping a hello to squeak.


    “If you are scared of getting old do something meaningful with your life. “

    Good advice. If you contribute to the world in a meaningful way, then you will be eternal. We’re all here temporarily for a reason. B”H.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Joseph, are you really Sushi and Patri?


    spend your time wisely while here in this temporary physical world, wisely does not need to mean learning & davening, going shopping is also spending your time wisely. just don’t waste your time sitting around. as a poll dont saying %90 of people when they reach 60 feel bad that their time of adulthood life of 20-60 was not spent wisely, promising Hashem that if they are returned to 20 they will pend their time more wise. %90 PERCENT… thats bad news. even if you are 40 now then you still have 20 years of your adulthood life to spend it right & not let it be wasted


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