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    So my gums have been randomly swelling up and itching for like hours at a time. i went to the dentist and he said he cant find anything wrong, and that i have the healthiest gums hes ever seen so it cant be like gingivitis or some other gum disease from not taking care of your teeth. i floss and brush 2 times a day… Any ideas on what it could be? And how to stop it from happening?



    Did he take an x-ray?

    When you say it randomly happens does it happen either immediately or a short time after eating or doing anything involving putting something in your mouth?

    Do you suck or chew on things?

    Do you have any medical conditions?


    toomuch- Tincture of Myyrh is excellent for the (swollen or canker sore) gums. Natural Toothpaste companies uses Myyrh as one of the ingredients. Any good Pharmacy or Natural Health Food Store sells Myyrh. Myrrh is known as Myrrh Gum. All you do is put a couple of drops on a Q Tip and swab the problematic section of your gum. Myyrh will heal (with Hashems help)the gum after applying it several times. I have personally used Myyrh for over 25 years with excellent results.


    I know it helps gums to rinse with salt water- but not sure if thats only for gingivitis

    minyan gal

    You should start keeping track of when this happens and what you may have eaten or drank in the couple of hours beforehand. It sounds like it could be an allergy. If it persists you should see an allergist or immunologist.

    Be Happy

    Does anyone have ideas for receding gums?


    Maybe its an allergic reaction…


    toomuch- I am not a dentist, what I suggested may help. I think instead of asking such a question to the CR., why not make another appointment with your Dentist and ask what you need to do next.


    could it be your wisdom teeth? My gums were swelling and really hurting for a while, the dentist said there was nothing wrong, but about 2 months later my wisdom teeth stated coming out.


    toomuch00 – Why would you come to an internet blog to ask a bunch of self-proclaimed “medical professionals”? It’s fine that you went to a dentist, but now that he cleared you -you need to go to your PCP (doctor) for a workup. There are many diseases/disorders

    that can be at the root of your problem!


    check with a periodontist. They specialize in gum problems. It might be an allergy of some kind.


    Be Happy, receding gums can be very dangerous (and painful)! Make sure that your dentist keeps an eye on them and don’t skip checkups. If they recede severely, you may need to see a periodontist. If your tooth nerves are exposed, try Sensodyne or other sensitive toothpaste. But make sure to talk to your dentist!


    No, i dont chew on things or have any medical conditions. Yes, he took an x-ray but he said nothing at all was wrong. ive been observing when its happening and does not appear to be after doing something specific like eating or touching my mouth. when i say randomly i mean that it could happen once a week, or 3 times a day.

    boredstiff- it happens to be he also said one of my wisdom teeth are coming in but thats on the bottom and the gum that swells and itches is on the top… could that be connected though?


    First of all you may have another wisdom tooth coming out on that side( if the pain is near a back molar it may very well be that). Also ask your Dentist for Peridex, its a prescription mouth wash and its very strong and good for gums.


    toomuch00 -how do you know you don’t have any medical conditions?

    If it is just on top of the incoming wisdom tooth -then maybe it’s a reaction to the new tooth. Get a mouth guard. If it’s the whole gum, then the dentist is probably right and you need to see your medical doctor for a diagnosis.

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