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    What’s the hock about this website?


    Ham hock are trief, it comes froma pig.




    From the same folks who brought you 23 easy steps to solve the “Shiduch Crisis” they are offering specials on software packages to solve your personal “Pritzus Crisis”. Sadly, the GYE package and most similar “shamiras eyniyim” filters will also block access to thousands of totally OK websites for reasons totally unknown. Alternatively, you can use the safe browsing option on chrome or firefox along with common sense w/o sacrificing your chelek of olam haboh.


    It is self-explanatory, based on its name.


    @gishmak, what dont you understand, ham hock is trief


    This is my first post on the coffee room.
    I hope the mods will let this post be published.

    For a while now I was considering to bring up GYE to the forums because it truly is an amazing organization made for our generation.
    In that light I’m very happy bentchkvatcher brought it up.

    Guard your eyes is an organization that helps with those that got caught up in the internet. Now, alot of us probably already saw the advertisement from gye but thought it was only for internet addiction, but it’s not just that, the organization helps with those struggling with edited and other kedusha issues.
    Even if you just struggle with looking in the street or fantasies, gye can help with general chizuk aswell.
    Besides for the amazing articles, tools and audio library they have an active forum and chats where you can connect with other members/mentors and start breaking your habit in a constructive way.

    Everything is anonymous and men and women strugglers are separate.

    I struggled with the internet ever since my early teens but in the last couple of years gye has been a huge support for me to stay clean. I learned what tools helped me, met multiple members personally and gained alot of clarity.

    It has not been an easy ride but BH I’m almost a year clean and looking forward to continue working on myself with Hashems help.

    I really hope that if someone here is struggling he/she will have the strength to open up to someone they trust or if that is not possible then at least check out gye and really give it a shot.

    A gye member.

    Thank you for posting – 29


    . GYE has many practical tools that can actually help people struggling either with serious porn addiction or general Kidusha struggles. There’s a huge range of programs and services offered.

    It’s not 2 dimensional but extremely helpful to many. Very special dedicated people have invested years of hard work in GYE and helped many many people

    Your flippant dismissal of GYE and ridiculous comparison is totally off

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Your flippant dismissal of GYE and ridiculous comparison is totally off”

    Exactly what I wanted to say


    A filter which can be turned off at will is not sufficient in halacha.

    While it helps in some circumstances (like for women only if there’s ALWAYS a lot of people around in an office setting – as heard from rav belsky) there is a chiyuv in halacha to prevent nisyonos whenever possible.

    This obligation is derived from many sources, notably bava basra 57b, regarding one who has two roads to go on, one with nisyonos in shmiras aynayim, and another without. Not only is a person obligated to take the road without nisyonos, he is even called a rasha if he chooses the other road – even if he does not look, because it is sinful to bring one’s self to a yatzer hora; maybe he won’t succeed? And even if he does, he will have wasted energy that could be used for nisyonos presented to him min hashomayim, that are part of his life plan.

    Now if someone went down that road… He’s supposed to watch his eyes and do teshuva for going down the road, not give in and say “why should i bother, I’m going to be called a rasha anyway,” that’s pure yatzer hora at his finest.

    Shmiras aynayim is a pasuk with the same obligatory weight as any other negative mitzvah in the Torah.

    Chazal are full of statements which proclaim the frailty of man when it comes to taavos. Ain apotropus le’arayos; there is no safeguard against cohabitation sins. Al.taamin beatzmecha, do not believe in yourself (that you can enter nisyonos) until you’re dead. Dovid hamelech was chastised for this, after asking Hashem to test him, to be like the avos.

    Those who think one can go into the outside world(or even inside..a chasuna, a kiddush) without practicing tools to fulfill the mitzvah of ahmiras aynayim, are just as folly as those who say that abstaining from lashon hora makes one a “frummie”.

    because whenever one actually triea to practice shmiras aynayim, they “open their eyes” to a huge breadth of challenges that they had never addressed. Their vision was left to rote, and they had no idea what they had let into their eyes, much like when one begins to examine their speech after years of neglect, they soon discover how much work they need to do to avoid lashon hora, nivul peh, etc.

    Telling people to just “be strong” and mock those who have filters as “weak,” is not only against the Torah, but it leads others to sin and not protect themselves.

    May Hashem grant every yid the power to resist the yatzer hora in all of his machinations, from within and without, during this time pf introspection and be zocheh to build the beis hanikdash with the tears cried in teahuva for our sins.


    That being said, gye is one of the only resources where mevakshei Hashem of all stripes – increasingly including the less yeshivishe crowd – can find chizuk and help one another.


    Also, regarding the psak i received from rav belsky (it was in regards to my mother a”h) the Internet was quite different then. That was 7 years ago. I don’t know if it would still apply.


    Gadol, every filter has false positives and false negatives. Google has their own criteria that may or may not correspond to what one needs. So, you might miss on 10% of internet that mentions something that is not pritzut, there is still 90% left. Not sure why you are so flippant.


    Avira > A filter which can be turned off at will is not sufficient in halacha.

    Even such filter might be useful. Search engines focus on more specific words you use. So if you use an unfortunate word, or even misspell something, then you suddenly get a lot of stuff that you never expected. Search engine filter reduce the problem but it might still happen.

    So, for a lot of people, you put the right filters in and it is sufficient. As in any search, most people use default options for anything. If amazon sorts things by “popular item” by default, only minority of users will press the button “sort by cheaper price”.

    For people who have bigger problems – a user should have a local account (non-admin), and another user should have an admin or parental account that installs filtering tools. Actually, for everybody: from cybersecurity point of view, you should have an admin account on your PC and use a different account for your internet browsing and email, even if you are using mehadrin filters. Less chances that sheidim will take over your computer.


    Just to add another plug for GYE – most people who struggle in areas of Kedusha whether it be with internet or otherwise are ashamed to discuss it with anyone, it’s rarely discussed in Yeshivos or in public frum settings except in very vague terms, which leave people feeling very alone in their struggles, unsure whether it’s normal and whether there are any solutions other than Mussar and Yiras Shomayim (which they’ve tried unsuccessfully) or finding an addiction specialist or group (which they don’t want to try, and perhaps feel their problems aren’t at all at that level.) GYE is an anonymous place for people at various levels of struggling with Inyanei Kedusha that offers a lot of information, many tools, strategies and support options and where you finally realize you’re normal and not alone. It’s, as far as I know, the only organization of its kind and they’ve helped many people in this battle. (a GYE member)


    I was quite surprised to see anyone (especially an avid internet user) that would make fun of GYE. Anyone who does not recognize the nature and dangers of internet shmutz or mocks those who struggle with it, is living under a rock. Rabbanim who say “what’s the big deal, just don’t have internet,” or even those who think filters are the answer for everything are just as blind.

    There is no one out there doing what GYE does. They are saving neshomos daily.

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