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    I am seeking a place to stay the weekend of November 22

    in Brooklyn around avenue R ish or east 10

    anyone know where i can ask to get a comfortable bed for two nights


    One of the most amazing people for hachnasas orchim in Brooklyn is my former menahel from high school, Rabbi Trenk. He lives a few blocks from there – I believe he’s on East 9th.

    I’d rather not post his contact info here, but you should be able to find out about him. His hachnasas orchim is unparalleled!


    yes but he has crowds at his place right?


    Lo sailaic rochil b’amecha


    Dstern: I am sure you are a wonderful person that being said it is not fair to ask people to publicly post info about private places to stay.

    My suggestion is call some rabbonim in the one mile radius (google the address of where you are staying to find nearby shules youll find at least 20)and they’ll help you with hachnosas orchim and potential places to stay.Even if the Shule does not have a direct line you could find out who the Rav is.

    Additionally, I assume you have a reason/simcha to be near R and east 10th why not ask the Baalie Simcha to help you?

    P.S. this is for your benefit as well. For all you know someone here could set you up with a place to stay where you will be totally uncomfortable.

    May you only have Simchas

    Little Froggie

    Squeak is right, in my humble opinion.

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    I think Chafetz Chaim says not to do it, from this passuk.


    Maybe try Shabbat.com


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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