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    I recently learned that you must give hakaras hatov to everyone who has impacted your life in a positive way, and not let them get pushed aside. I hope this doesnt sound like a bas mitzva speech lol!

    I just wanted to thank EVERYONE of you special people on the YWN CR! You are each a special person for giving your time to random frum people around the world to give advice. Or honestly, so many of you are just so funny! And you seriously give me so much chizuk. I love reading your posts to each other. The ahavah and serious debates, the care you have for one another at the end of the day is something so commendable! You guys make me so porud to be a frum Jew. And reading this while i sit in university just makes me feel like I can truly bring kedusha to a place that doesnt have much!!

    Mods- well I only really know 29, who is AWESOME! but i know all of you work so so hard to make this happen. Just know that Hashem is blessing you every minute for the way you bring togheter so many Jews!

    Thank you for taking the time to make people feel good and for taking the lessons you learned to heart. Tizki L’Mitzvos – 29


    How does she get to know a Mod? I wish I did!! (beware world..)


    Beautifully said OurTorah thank YOU!!


    WOW, what a lovely tribute!


    I figured with all this craziness going on, everyone is so focused on bad bad bad. Well Baruch Hashem, my simchas hachaim said no no no, go back to making everyone around you smile!

    lil froggie- 29 gave me my subtitle 🙂 so now were besties!

    thank you Goq and oomis! Tziku lemetzvos!!! Pay it forward!


    Oh, I see. I wish you could make me smile. I have a headache (again), somewhere. This cold/hot/virus/flu or whatever they decided to call, it has been my guest for the past week or two.


    at your service my friend! i hope your stasying home and drinking lots of hot cocoa! (and if you are, at least your out of the very cold weather!!!)


    Thank you, OurTorah, I could use your “service”. Regarding the rest, if you really need to know, well sometimes staying at home is not an option. I have to pretend I’m fully functional.. family.. work..(sure, with two zillion tissue boxes per hour).

    Well, I finally went to a second doctor yesterday, and yes, it IS ammonia. So NOW I’ll have to call it (somehow) quits. Sort of.


    Oh. It’s caused by smelling salts?


    No – it’s (hold it, let me look up how they spell it) “Pneumonia”.

    And I just ran out of things to think about in bed…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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