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    call me rabbi j

    In many, if not most yeshiva’s, Halacha is considered a minor Seder. In most elementary schools, the class focuses on Gemara or Chumash and not on Halacha. Many Bachurim these days are clearly lacking in halachic knowledge and it’s a big problem. I believe yeshiva’s should put more focus on Halacha. What does the oilem think?

    Reb Eliezer

    I agree. They have to learn the halachas on the gemora they are learning. When I learned in the mesivta, we had a Rosh and Ran on the Rif shiur.


    I think you should get rid of the possessive apostrophe. It has no place in our yeshivas.


    For that very reason the lubavitcher rebbe instituted that every bochur should complete smicha, before getting married.


    If every bochur got smicha before getting married, the smicha wouldn’t be worth very much, don’t ya think?


    Why so?
    Because more people are knowledgeable in a certain subject the knowledge is no longer knowledge
    I don’t see the logic
    Pls explain



    You remind me of a story. Once two litvish Bochurim came to the yeshivah in 770 to get tested for semicha. the rav testing them gave them a much harder time then the Lubavitcher Bochurim. When the litvish bochurim asked why the discrimination? The Rav answered the Lubavitcher Bochurim are getting semicha to fulfil their rebbe’s instructions. you are getting it in case you need to know what to do in this and this case. if the lubavitcher bochur encounters a problem which he learnt about he wont have the yeshus to pasken for himself so he will ask a rav even though he got semicha on it. But if you (the Litvak) get encounter a shaila, you will pasken for yourself (since you don’t have an inyan of getting semicha) and I want to make sure you know it well so you wont make a mistake paskening for yourself.

    (please don’t take this the wrong way😁)


    The point of the smicha is to learn the halochos relevant to day to day lives

    Yabia Omer

    I know in Satmar the main focus on Kollel is Halacha

    Reb Eliezer

    What is the purpose of the semicha? According the RMA his rebbi gives him permission to pasken, so we have more chiefs than Indians.

    bored_teen 💕

    Thank you 1a2b3c!!! I was going to say that but I didn’t want to be that person.

    I’m not in Yeshiva so I’m not the best source but I think it depends on what yeshiva a person is in. I don’t think you can make a blanket statement about all yeshivos.


    Yes rabi ovadia spoke a lot about that, there’s a lot of rabis which
    Are shteiging in gemora but are not so good in halacha


    Halacha should be a separate seder. Every Baal Habayit should complete mishna berura. Students in Yeshiva should have a seder in Halacha biyun. If not you are guaranteed to be over on something.




    Its possible that because men are generally out of the house most of the day they arent always involved in the day to day details of the household so an emphasis is put on halacha in girls schools more because they are the ones who will need to decide what to do on the spot eg hilchos shabbos, if the husband is in shul and the wife is preparing the meal and a shaila comes up she needs to know what to do and other things like that. of course men should learn all halachos relevant to them but maybe it is felt that they dont need to be so familiar with things that wont be relevant to them.


    Is it Drisha (whose mother paskened to say brocha before yomtov candles) who says that those who have only (sic!) 3-4 hours a day to learn, should concentrate on halakha rather than Gemorah


    Shlucha, I agree that women took over halakhic issues at home (at least in mine). My only involvement is to convince girls that in a machlokes between BY and Mom, we pasken like Mom.

    But this is not due to men being outside of home, after all, other than shabbos shul, the husband is hopefully either available on the phone or is at home. It is more due to the expanded women’s education – as they need to ask husbands less, husbands gladly switched to learning esoteric subjects that do not lead to any daily responsibilities.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    What in the world are you going on about?? Do you make up your own halachas as you go along? Oh, that’s right, we’ve been here before.

    Your statements couldn’t be further from reality. It is obvious where your insecurities lie, but that doesn’t give you a free pass to “pasken like mommy”, pretend women learn enough to not need to check in with their husband’s, or to call torah topics esoteric.


    The husband is the halachic authority of the wife and children. Any uncertainty he has regarding a Halacha, he needs to consult with his Rov/Posek.


    ujm > The husband is the halachic authority of the wife and children.

    absolutely, I just brought a recent case of a kid using the word “frum” in the same sentence as a ganav’s name. I absolutely used my halakhic and hashkafic authority to make sure that the kid will remember the tochacha for a long time (no patching was involved).


    Syag > that doesn’t give you a free pass to “pasken like mommy”,

    I full reserve my right to enforce my halakhic authority, I just rarely have to.

    Halakha is that you believe one kosher witness in isurei, or as one Rav said – if we don’t take women as witnesses, I can’t eat in my home – and this is literally what we are discussing. I am obviously not saying that the lady of the house issues her own psak, but she follows what she learned in her school, and kids bringing humros from school needed to understand that they should follow family minhagim and not whatever a random teacher learned in her seminary. An obvious sign that the kids concerns were not l’shem shamayim was that they proposed humros rather than implementing them in the kitchen. This is no insecurity any more, btw, kids already learned that lesson by now.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I’m sorry you were offended when your daughters learned halachos at the school you sent them to that didn’t jive with what you were doing. Humros? Perhaps they were, or perhaps that label just works for you. but it sounds like you may have missed an opportunity to teach your daughters humility, acceptance of authority, respecting their teachers and growth in observance. (You’ve told this story a few times with more detail so I’m basing it on those renditions as well)

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