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    WTP… I have seen frum Jews many times in stores and wanted to say something but held my tongue because it seemed weird and I did not want to interrupt their lives with random questions.


    [Fyi this post starts at the end of pg 1]


    Last night I felt compelled to ask and it was not a regular thing that I do.

    I take it that this time was from Hashem and so that is why it was okay. If the situation was different then I could come here and say that a random Jew said or whatever and not believe it.

    You are right though that I don’t have proof (and it’s not always safe to talk to strangers, let alone get psak-info from them…) that he was really that Rabbi and that woman may have been playing along the whole time (or maybe did not hear the part where he said that he was a rabbi), but I am going to look at it favorably and am pretty sure that his massive kosher party grocery purchase was for the shul’s Purim party.

    I will ask my LOR and get back to you when I do.

    Thank you

    One last thing… in this Pesach case I am basically going with whatever my LOR will tell me.

    Are there more halachic opinions?


    Do I ask if there are other options for me because I have never heard of selling the whole house?

    Or if everyone is selling his/her house (not literally, he said that there is a form to fill out and I just do that. I asked if it costs money and he said that I can give a donation of whatever I can give). Afaik the LOR collects the forms and sells the community’s houses to a nonJew. After Pesach, it is mine again.

    Maybe it’s easier that way?

    Also… I want to talk to my parents about it. While they aren’t frum, we did do Pesach cleaning growing up and even had separate dishes and silverware to use at Pesach. We also went to shul and maybe my LOR back then instructed them how to sell their chametz. I won’t go by that psak but it will give me more perspective.

    That’s what I love about the CR, it offers me other perspectives which I do not get otherwise. So thank you for telling me more about what you do.

    I won’t take it as what I should do. I take it as an example of the breadth of halacha and it gives me more appreciation for variation and traditions.

    I heart you guys.

    Guys = everyone ?


    You don’t sell your house. You sell your chometz.

    It’s actually very simple (at least your part is simple, for the Rav it’s a bit more complicated).

    Either you heard incorrectly or he was joking.


    LB: I sell the chametz in my house and my mother’s house. Since my mother goes away for Pesach the Rav just asks for her address and writes “wherever “chametz is stored” and writes that I have the keys. For my house, I have to list all the specific rooms and cabinets where chametz is stored. And yes, I sell real chametz.


    Btw, if you want to watch the actual selling process, YWN put up a video last year:

    SEE HOW IT’S DONE: Selling of Chometz Last Year With HaRav Mordechai Willig [VIDEO]

    Again, this video really has nothing to do with your part. All you do is fill out the form and appoint the Rabbi as your agent. The video shows how the sale works subsequently.


    Meno, I would also recomend the video of the Gateshead Rav selling chometz. Maybe YWN would like to feature that this year. Look for “What happens to all the Chametz you sell for Pesach? Rabbi Zimmerman (Gateshead Rav) shows us” on YouTube

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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