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    I read a good article somewhere called, ‘The “Half Shabbos” Phenomenona’ by Michael J. Salamon PHD, about teens who do things like using a smart phone on Shabbos etc. It mentioned that there are different teens who do it from different groups. And mentioned that this is not a new thing. People use to use small portable TVs to find out sports scores etc.

    An important thing that the article mentions is understanding the psychology of teenagers. The author says that when they do small things like this, it doesn’t mean they are giving everything up, but are just experimenting. And we shouldn’t point fingers at different people for causing this.

    He suggests that we respond moderately, because a harsh reaction might do more harm.

    What they need is guidence and a good balance of both

    structure and space.

    Finally, he says that since these products are here to stay and they are going to use it anyway, we should teach them to use it properly.


    by not making it a tabbo anylonger it has become more of an acceptable crime… if they know they are not the only ones doing it it makes it more of a lighter action…

    I believe wrong doings should be brought out in the open however such a thing makes validates them doingit behind the scenes, and possibbly encouraging/enlightening others that don;t have the yetzer hara for it..


    No. i think bringing it out to the open shows we have a problem and forces us to try to deal with it.

    I also find that true with most things we shove under the carpet



    I think the Dr was aiming his article more towards the MO community. However in the frum community this is a new thing and a very alarming trend.

    If you asked me I would tell you that many of our problems in Yiddishkeit today stem from a lack of discipline and self control. We have people addicted to food, alcohol, pornography, internet, texting….

    The bottom line is that many of today youth have never learned true self control. These things aren’t taught anymore. This used to be what was taught in the mussar yeshivos and by mashgichim. One upon a time bachurim were able to sit by a Gemara for 2,3,4 or more hours without interruption. Unfortunately very few have this discipline today. We are so distracted by phones that people can’t go 30 minutes without checking texts emails and what not.

    There’s other factors as well. I think another big factor is that people used to be driven. They were self motivated to achieve to learn to grow to become. I don’t know what percentage of young people live with that fire today. There are very few. This is very tied to the first thing because without discipline one can never get anywhere and accomplish goals. This leads to giving up and developing a defeatist attitude. Once you have a defeatist attitude you feel beaten so what’s the point of trying. So at that point you figure why bother and then you stop caring. If you don’t care then there’s nothing stopping you from texting on Shabbos and doing other things that are Assur. Granted this may be an oversimplication of a complex issue but Im only putting forth some ideas that are off the top of my head. There’s certainly other factors and it is likely a few factors operating at once that has led and leads to the problems we face with our youth.

    Granted a lot of the above is geared towards the boys. Im not so sure what the problem is by the girls but it is probably similar in some ways. Like the boys they lack the drive to want to be good to do what’s right and to be special individuals. Ill stop here because I feel a whole megillah coming and I just don’t see see the point of writing all this. Its not going to change anything just get me more frustrated.


    WIY +1


    Actually he wasn’t. while the tv was an example, he says that while some say it’s the modern ones only do it, there are others that do it also because they are more restricted and just want to. And he advises people to not point to each other because that will only divide people. He mentions that we have more in common than we think.


    He makes some good suggestions and points, and like all suggestions not all are applicable or sensible in all situations.


    “There’s other factors as well. I think another big factor is that people used to be driven. They were self motivated to achieve to learn to grow to become. I don’t know what percentage of young people live with that fire today. There are very few.”

    You are correct on these points.

    In the past, full time learning was only for the highly motivated. Now with every boy being pushed into full time learning you are going to have a majority that are poorly motivated.

    Having multiple options for our sons will greatly improve the motivation problem, and also the financial situation of our community.



    Unfortunately there are people who aren’t looking to learn OR work. They just waste away their days. Go see who hangs out in Brooklyn after 12:00 pm. There are people who just want to go through life not having to actually DO ANYTHING just chill and hang out, schmooze…

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