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    So many articles have been published recently referring to Hamas as animals. Let’s compare them.

    An animal eats when it’s hungry. It will attack other animals to defend its home. If it scares them away, it lets them leave. Animals are not cruel, and they don’t harm other animals without a reason.

    Hamas is all too human. Humans have free will, and while we have the capacity to be the most caring, giving people, we also have the capacity to be the most twisted, cruel, depraved beings on the planet.

    Most people choose to be good. Most people are sickened when they see a slaughter. Even soldiers, who are trained to kill for necessary causes, are often traumatized not only by what they see, but by the actions they have to take. Not so with Hamas. They revel in the violence and destruction, and gain pleasure from it.

    People don’t say we need to kill all lions and tigers because they kill other living creatures. It’s only when they begin threatening people, if they stray into areas where people live, and won’t leave, that they are dealt with – and even then, measures are taken to try and save the animal’s life.

    But Hamas isn’t about preserving itself. It is about killing all Jews, and destroying the Jewish state. They are pure evil.

    So no, Hamas are not animals. Saying that is an insult to animals. Hamas is far worse, and should be recognized as such.


    Hamas is Hashem’s messenger. No more and no less. Who cares if they are better or worse than animals? They would not be able to harm a single person, if not for the fact that Hashem sent them to do harm. We should spend time thinking about the message, not about the messenger.

    ☕️coffee addict

    A scorpion according to the Gemara is a מזיק for no reason


    Animals do not kill without a reason. When the Romans wanted to throw someone to the beasts (a punishment for religious crimes, and a particularly bad way to die), they had to starve the animals first. If you ever get thrown into a lion’s den (has happened to the best of us), you will probably survive if the manage to get out before the lion gets hungry. Mosquitos don’t bite unless they are hungry. Bees don’t sting unless threatened.

    So the people who refer to Hamas (or the Nazis, or whomever is being annoying at the moment – we do encounter more than our share of such people), should stop insulting the “animals”.


    Goldilocks: I agree. Can we stop talking about the Nazis? In fact, we need to stop teaching the Holocaust to children. All they need to know is Hashem.


    I agree
    They are way worse than animals


    A certain Tzaddik said 50 years ago that the arabs are worse than the Germans.


    Even if they are messengers there is a reason they are the messengers they have free choice and they will be punished for their barbaric rishus!


    There is a reason they were the messengers and that doesn’t take away from the fact that they have free choice and will get punished for their barbaric rishus.


    The sad point is, that it’s not just hamas. There were hundreds of ordinary Palestinian Arabs who participated in the atrocities.

    Reb Eliezer

    When Meshiach will come in its fixed time a harsh king will come about to force the Jews to teshuva. Hamas is that מלך קשה כהמן.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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