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    Anyone interested in seeing the truth knew this would happen. When you have Neville Chamberlain as prime minister and George McLellan fighting your enemies you really can’t expect victory.

    Israel is the most idiotic country in history



    Whoever didnt see this coming is ignorant to the hi heavens


    zionism was always a failure. And will always remain so.


    I really thought they would not let this happen! Call me naive! All those קרבנות Nebech! I just thought they would prevent it! The world is cruel! The pressure they put – even so-called friends – is indefensible!
    הלכה היא בידוע שעשו שונא את יעקב


    Political Zionism is a waste of time


    R Soloveichik writes that the same way we often defer to doctors when halakha needs medical opinion, we should defer to Israeli political and military leaders when halakha requires a military opinion.



    If you think he would say the same about today’s leaders you are a fool.

    The very same leaders that enabled Oct. 7. have proven themselves to be completely incompetent, negligent a combination of both or worse.

    The naive, trusting, non demanding but above all ibber chochim attitude you display here condemns Israel to more Oct. 7ths and worse.

    But it’s all worth it for the posturing, right?



    And besides. I do not have to accept your assertion that r soloveitcik said what you claim he said nor the context/circumstances under which he supposedly said t so i can safely say that what is ascribed is an idiotic notion.

    According to this ridiculous logic Britain had no business getting rid of Chamberlain and Lincoln should have kept on losing the civil war w his garbage but expert generals.

    And if the citizens of the Soviet Union had any complaints about Stalin they should have just accepted it according to your genius nonsense.

    Same for Nazi Germany.

    And the idiots who started and ran ww1 were to be accepted and happily be allowed to waste tens of millions of lives bc they knew best.

    And the idiotic wars of the Middle ages etc etc. etc.

    And church corruption etc.etc. etc.

    Basically, you don’t believe in accountability for the ruling class. That will surely work out splendidly.

    Where did you get these outlandish notions from?

    U should change your moniker from aaq to always think critically. Or think B4 u speak. the mindless instinct to just challenge w or wo a basis for doing so doesn’t come from a noble place.



    For someone who usurps the notion of ‘always asking questions ‘ you seem dead set on ignoring the biggest ones if it means questioning certain people.

    I hope you can see your essential hypocrisy


    BY1212, a fair question. I indeed do not advocate blindly following authorities and I don’t think r Soloveichik did also. I brought his opinion to show that at least in some cases, he would rely on Israeli government opinion. I saw in a sefer of his letters and articles, not a maase. I think I can support your skepticism with another story.

    One of the founders of student movement for soviet Jewry asked several gedolim for an advice. R Feinstein, LR, R Teitz all advised against public actions, mostly being afraid that commies will make things worse for Soviet Jews and possibly for protesters themselves. R Soloveichik also advised against, after first consulting someone in Israeli government. After the students started protests anyway, one of them asked R Soloveichik again why Rav is not repeating his position. Rav responded that he changed his opinion after he realized that his advisor mislead him. Rav asked him “what is best for Soviet Jews” and the advisor gave his advise based on “what is best for Israel” (i..e. desire to negotiate with Russians, etc, similar to current Russian war on Ukraine). Rav held that in a situation of pikuach nefesh, one should focus solely on what is best for the people in danger.

    I am not sure about timing, but it sounds that second story happened after the first, so maybe we can conclude R Soloveichik reduced his reliance on government – at least when there is a reason to suspect wrong motivation.

    But, I think, we can still learn from this that (according to R Soloveichik’s opinion that not everyone holds by), it is permissible to rely on Israeli experts under some circumstances.


    What are you people referring to? Hamas is being hammered to pieces as far as I can tell.


    As for trusting the military bosses, I think that would depend on how they got to their positions.

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