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    The rule of bump day are simple

    1) bump as many old threads as you can (the older the better, min 4 years)

    2) try to fill the entire home page with bumped threads


    3) add your own rules




    i thought the rule was to bump obama on the head for his insane iran deal


    the CR could sure do with some other threads. Hence, rule

    4) No bumping threads which may cause inspiration, introspection, or meaningful conversation.


    5) you must end the post with #bumpday


    6) Nuh-uh


    Happy BUMP day 9/10 I am bumping off all my Shabbos Nitzovim preparations today, because tomorrow 9/11 I shall be spending the entire day @Ground Zero, reliving memories from 14 years ago.


    7) Bump day is bumped to today #bumpday


    8) Bump day is every day #bumpday

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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