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    There is a WhatsApp post about NY Mets player Harrison Bader, which declares “Kiddush Hashem” apparently having something to do with his belt (couldn’t see it). Not sure what the Kiddush Hashem is but Bader is not Jewish–his father is but his mother is Catholic


    He hit a game winning double and his belt had a white Magen David painted on it.

    According to wikipedia Bader identifies as Jewish.
    It sounds like he may have made that decision so he was eligible to play for Israel in the 2023 world baseball classic, not because he’s religiously Jewish.

    During spring training he was wearing a necklace for the hostages.

    Look he may not be halachically or religiously Jewish but right now we need all the positive support in America we can get.


    “Zera Abraham” are not the same as a regular Goy.
    From what I understand, If they want to convert, they do not have to 1st be turned away. Perhaps the best term is “Honorary Jew” they of course don’t count for a Minyan or any other Jewish ritual but they are more welcomed than other outsiders (at least where I come from).


    I guess if painting a magen dovid on your belt makes you Jewish then putting your shirt backwards making you into a priest.

    Happy new year

    He’s a nice guy and we should respect him. Can’t hurt.

    But just remember that during the beginning of the 2nd Midash there were many people whose mothers were goyim and Ezra and Nechemiah sent them all away. They ripped the mens’ hair out until they agreed to expell their wives and kids.

    Anan Sahadi

    stop being busy with the one freak that pretends to like Isreal. Instead look at the college campuses where the next holocaust is starting. In life do not get caught up on silly things. isru chag sameach!!!!

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