Has anyone ever died of sitting too long on the Internet?

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    I am afraid for my self.

    I am here over 3 hrs and cannot rationalize nor justify leaving it.

    I love it.

    I learn, i shop, i die, i waste my life, i read, i click, i enter, i think, i surf, i search, i hope, i wait, i want, i order, i cancel, i return, i bid, i win, i lose, i offer, i wait for a message on dating websites. I ….

    i… go home.



    I know a man who died after being on the internet for 90 years. He also smoked for 90 years, so apparently internet is more lethal than smoking.


    it would be wise to eat and use the facilites. it would also help if you bathe . i know i need not remind you to daven…that should be automatic


    Yes, actually. There were stories of a really addictive online game when I was in middle or high school (maybe it was the original Warcraft?) and someone died because he just spent so much time on it that he forgot to do things like eat or drink.g


    It sounds weird but there are some recent studies suggesting that sitting itself is rather harmful physically. Google the words sitting and dangerous to health and you’ll get a bunch of news stories discussing this topic.

    Internet addiction may not be deadly (though I read of a couple whose baby died because they were compulsively playing video games and didn’t take care of the baby), but it can be very destructive and should be taken seriously.


    Happens every so often in southeast Asia and Japan they take gaming very seriously over there. A guy there died of a burst bladder. There have also people that have had seizures, heart attacks etc.

    Shopping613 🌠

    If you sit more than 6hrs. A day you have sitting disease. Im serious, no, really! Look it up!!! Every kid in america must have it…see, school DOES give us diseases!


    Shopping, I think it means sitting continually for 6 hours straight.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Well, that’s not what it said….

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Most American office workers must have it… Asian offices I heard have exercise breaks.

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