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    I need to take the NYU language (Yiddish) test for Excelsior college, does anyone know how hard the language test (12-16 credits)is, or what type of question they ask? Also, does anyone know a website that I can use to study yiddish, the issue is all the websites that I’ve seen are only for beginners, I need intermediate/advance.


    Spend a few weeks in Williamsburg and you’ll know Yiddish like a native first language speaker.


    I didnt take the test, but I woulndt be surprised that the test was written by the YIVO which has a yiddish different than chassidic yiddish.

    You would probably need to be able to read advanced yiddish books from authors like Shalom Alechem and Mendel Mocher Seforim.


    I didn’t take it in English, but I took it in Hebrew and it’s probably pretty similar.

    In the first part, you listen to a paragraph in the language once with the opportunity to write notes, and then you answer somewhere around 10 questions. It’s pretty basic.

    The next section is a 150-word composition in the language. They give you 3 choices of topic.

    The third section is to translate from English to the language, and the 4th is to translate from the language to English.

    With my American background in Hebrew (though admittedly, I am pretty good with dikduk), I got a 12 out of 12. I didn’t prepare for the test at all.


    Thanks for a the responses, I have a decent conversational (albeit modern) yiddish and I understand it almost perfectly. However, reading it is an issue.


    Bechukoseihem Lo Seileichu


    For those that took it, how was it?
    Was the keyboard a Hebrew or Yiddish Keyboard?

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