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    Are we greeks or jews? would we give up our lives for judaism or not? do we have a “greek crisis”


    I’m Jewish but I like some Greek foods…is that a crisis?


    Sammy, can you expand on what you mean please? This is certainly a debate I want to be a part of, but I want to know if there is anything specific.

    I often wonder if I could stand up to a guy with a gun who is trying to get me to sin. I’m not sure I have the strength of character to die for Hashem, but hopefully I will never have to find out.


    well i admit that i was trying to be sensational. but my question remains, are we in the ywn cr willing to give up our lives for torah?




    If I’m extremely honest with myself, I think prbly not, but then again when a person is cvs placed in that situation they are given tremendous siyata dishmaya to be able to withstand it


    i would like to think that i would but thats said by my computer not under the gun . . . .


    i don’t know if i would! i hope i would! it’s hard to think about it now..if one were (chas vishalom) in a situation like that, i think they would just know thats what they would have to do!


    I think we do have a greek crisis, but different in the way you think. The focus on materialism and on a thin perfect body is one that is way too common among frum yidden. The Greeks also focused on gashmius, on the body.


    a great rebbe onced quipped, ‘it will be easy for moshiach to take yidden out of golus, but it will be so difficult to take the golus out of yidden’!

    we, (re: I), have become so comfortable and used to living a lifestyle where yiddishkeit is almost secondary and a greek-life is what dictates our behaviors and attitudes.

    yesterday, i misplaced my tallis and tefillin bag, and took several minutes till i found it. i was calm and cool throughout my search. contrast to a week ago when i misplaced my cell…..


    What a great post, tzaddiq! And that was a great point about the cell.


    Western society is based on classical Greek (which merged with the Romans). Western culture is Greek culture. The reason the goyim study ancient Greek literature and philosophy is that it is the basis of their own civilization.


    Sammyjoe: This is a great question. For me, as others have mentioned, hope that i would that i could withstand such a nisayon. Truth is that there are times (usually after something scary/sad happens. Like what happened with Leiby Kletzky, Suri Feldman, etc…) that my imagination runs wild and i imagine myself in an accident or being abducted or beaten by scary men if i wouldnt commit certain aveiros (every time its something different). The situation feels so real sometimes and i actually feel scared and threatened or i’d feel strong and victorious.

    In a time of shmad, we’d have to give up our lives. But what about nowadays?


    Our society has certainly become geek like.


    Our society is def very Greek as Shindy pointed out our value system is Greek.

    Sammyjoe: Though your question of would you be ready to give up your life for the sake of Judaism is quite thought provoking it isn’t the “nisoyon of Yavan”. The question isn’t are you willing to die to be a Jew it’s are you willing to LIVE to be a better Jew. This is truly the challenge of the times we live in. When I was a kid (many moons ago) it was very black and white (not just the TV’s) You knew what a Jew was supposed to do and what a Jew (ie. do you own a TV) wasn’t supposed to do. Today with technology everyone has the entire outside world one click away (I watch “clips” on you tube but not TV shows) The battlefield is in ones self and as Rabbi Akiva Tatz once said “We use Greek tools (because we are products of western society) to help us decide our “Jewish” values. That time in our history was the first time that Jews wanted to be like the Goyim (Mityavnim). When the battle is in ourselves it’s much harder to fight it’s always easier when we see clearly who the enemy is…


    WIY – You got it all wrong. Geeks are not part of society, at least not the society that is being referred to in this thread. We are from a whole different breed, and we’re a totally different entity with our own society.


    I’m currently reading Plutarch and I keep coming across so many ideas which I first learned about in our sources that I find my self wishing we were more Greek and less American/Hungarian/whathaveyou.


    Do we have to protest against chalav yisrael Greek yogurt?

    Shopping613 🌠

    Defenetly the “like” part….

    Fo you know how many users have requested a “like” button?


    thank you mod 29 for the compliment.

    i have to say, it IS rather an ironic time to have these war ads for this new fad of ‘Greek yogurts’ swirling around us at this time of the year.just seems so….wrong, lol. having said that, i DO feel the temptation to try one, but i’m fighting this one…

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