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    In the last period that I was around more, I don’t remember the bottom thread
    on the front page ever being more than 2 weeks old. How’s everybody doing? : )



    If true, everyone must recruit all their IRL friends to join here.



    It depends on my schedule.


    That was because of posters who started lots of random threads. Lately, people seem to be holding on longer to certain topics so they don’t move.



    Perhaps people are beginning to realize the real word is so much more exciting, and way more meaningful a place than cyberspace.


    It’s a different place these days, I’m not a kid anymore. I have a life.
    In addition most users are on USA time so I just get left out from the conversations.
    On the big debates there’s so much back and forth between the same 4-5 people that I feel like no one will even see or acknowledge my post.



    So there are no current kids?


    Little Froggie

    How I miss the old style… (Old topics, old posters, old issues (old style of ‘civilized debates’) too!!)


    RebYidd I don’t think so. As far as I know I was and still am the youngest user in the CR.
    I know there were one or two people a year or 2 younger but none who began writing here as young as I did.



    As far as I know I’m also the youngest one here. And the oldest one here. I have no idea how old anyone is. For all I know everyone here can be the exact same age as me.


    As far as I know I was and still am the youngest user in the CR.
    I’m not sure where you would have assumed to have gotten this info but there are actually one or two posters who are younger that *we* know of. And I as a mod would not even claim to know that there aren’t others.

    Regarding those who began younger, I think there MAY have been 3 or 4. But I couldn’t say for sure, and I assume you couldn’t really either.

    Agav, someone left a pacifier in the coffeeroom last week, and a sippy cup, so it’s quite possible you have competition.


    Little Froggie

    WAA!!!! WAAA!!! I wan my tzummy. I wan it NOW. WAAA!!!! <<OOPS! WRONG SCREEN NAME>>



    “As far as I know I was and still am the youngest user in the CR.”

    Wow, you must be very young. I’m 3 months shy of my 4th birthday. How young are you?



    I am not even in high school yet and I think that is younger then you are.



    ashkifard: When’s your bar mitzvah?


    I guess I’ve been proven wrong.



    It was around a year ago.
    Oh, I am accepting Mazel Tov’s still!



    CR never was that fast but im glad it s botherimg you . I’ll be happy to help!!!!!!!!!!
    come on guys!!!

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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