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    An inferno the Arab leaders ignite?,?

    Massacre them! Stab them! Go and Fight!

    Paradise awaits you, be a Martyr,

    Plunge the knife even harder.

    Blood curling images are shown before me?,?

    Go out and guillotine, you will be a hero?;?

    A Jews is life is worth zero?!?

    Hot tears stream down my cheek;

    My morale is crippled and weak.

    Kill in groups of four or five!

    Keep no Jewish man alive!

    Abbas screams go and assassinate;

    The Jewish race we will annihilate!

    ?The inhumane actions of the ?Islamic believer?;?

    Slaughters ? my child? with a meat cleaver!?

    Glass, shards, pain and blood;

    As I buried my brother with mud.

    Such a gentle yid, he never made a fuss;

    His only crime, he was on that bus.

    Bus (illustration)

    Senseless killings are now the norm,

    For our brother in Israel we mourn.

    They are persecuted with blades and knives,

    Yet we continue to go about our daily lives.

    Yet, there are special ones amongst us;

    ?As an Arab crashed into a stop for a bus.

    But nebach, he gets slain and sent to the grave.

    But, ?what are we really supposed to do;

    Do we really feel bad for another Jew?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The Arabs are trying another ruse?.

    But what really has to happen;

    Is another Tefillah to Hashem.

    ?The price we pay is too steep;

    7 Kedoshim in less than a week?.

    The change must come from within;

    Please say the extra Kapital Tehillim.

    The sole approach to be saved from Fattah;

    Hashana Hoshiyana Uvinu Ata!


    Are you the writer, or are you just re-posting this from that website?


    Every prayer counts

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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