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    How about a thread about Hashem? Getting to know Him as much as is humanly possible and is currently one of my research topics (ie passions). If people are agreeable, I’d love to exchange more about what we know about our Creator/ our relationship with Him. All Raices on Who He is and how He works are appreciated, as I’m trying to build a comprehensive picture. But I guess the best is to post what you’ve learned and then the source, because I don’t have time to learn so much in addition to what I do already, but if it looks fascinating I may look it up. I can also share what I’ve come across in my quest.

    Yabia Omer

    I agree. We talk about so much shtusim. Shouldn’t we be focused on Hashem?


    1)learn sefer Derech Hashem which they have in English too. To learn more about Hashem and his ways from all angels.

    2)Hashem is the king of kings ruler of the entire world.

    3)for the best help in all your needs from physical to spiritual ruchnius needs etc…. Turn directly to Hashem our loving father and king of kings ruler of the world for help versus turning to a middleman messenger rather its a rebbe, segulah, doctor or any other middleman messenger as we say in bentching from Tehillim chapter 34 “for someone who seeks out Hashem directly lacks nothing that is good”


    Thanks for the responses… let me get a bit more specific. (If any of the terms is not familiar, please ask and I can explain.

    So Hashem’s layers of revelation of His One Self are:
    Mimale kol olmin (aka nature aka limited to context aka Elokim)

    Sovev kol olmin (aka beyond nature/ miracles, infinity, Hevaya)

    Atzmus (nimna hanimnaos can bring both opposite categories together and is not limited to just one way of revelation)

    Now, from sovev and above, we can’t depict anything Hashem is like, because that is a limitation and Hashem is beyond our minds. In fact, to Him, physical objects and the loftiest ideologies are on the same plane (think: trying to feel a concept with your hands).

    But luckily for us limited humans, Hashem gave us the gift of mimale revelation. It’s a gift because it’sa structure we can relate to, and therefore climb with self growth. That awesome structure is the 10 sefiros which corresponds to the 10 kochos hanefesh (chochma, bina, Daas, netzach, hod, yesod, malchus.)

    So, since we can only relate to sovev with Emuna, my investigation pertains to mimale.

    I want to try to understand as much as possible Hashems persona so to speak.

    For example, He likes and identifies with good, and detests evil. That’s something we can relate to and grow from. I would like to understand more about a few things but we’ll start with one.

    I would love elaboration on Hashem’s vengeance and punishment of evil, evil doers. Is He sadistic to evil? Etc. I can elaborate more but I don’t want to make the post too long, so I’ll stop here for now, to hear your thoughts sources. (There are so many sources for what I’ve written here that if you ask me about a sentence, it will be easier to list)


    Hashem is the ultimate maitiv, benefactor. He created and gave us a world full of pleasure and kindness, so that we could recognize Him, and gain eternal enjoyment in olam haba by doing so.

    So not only are our lives created to be happy, they are a means to the end of being eternally, nearly infinitely happy.

    And there is just the right balance between the ability to see and experience that happiness, and the nature of human beings to focus on the negative, and not appreciate that kindness.


    In fact, regarding stress for my own needs, I don’t really get anxious etc. I’m constantly running about Hashem and how He gives me whatever I need, and what’s best for me, and how He wants me to ask Him if I’d prefer something else in the future. How no one can do anything to me unless He wills it, and I can rely on Him etc. So I don’t get negatively stressed or anxious.


    I think this post is on the wrong thread (supposed to be on the professional thread) Also it’s talking not running.

    Reb Eliezer

    What does ‘constantly running about Hashem’ mean? Maybe, constantly keep Hashem in my mind. The Beis Elokim 2 explains that we praise Hashem with pesuka dezimra before davening, which at the outset does not look good, to recognize that only Hashem being Master of the World can only grant my wishes. This is the meaning of אליך ה’ אקרא ואל אדנ-י אתחנן if I want a free bee, I must first realize this fact.


    Thanks for the responses. Ok I’ll give a specific example (on trying to understand Hashem’s gevura):

    I’ve been assured by my very learned relative that I will need to go through some sort of tikun Upstairs for every aveira I’ve done which hasn’t been properly atoned for in this world. So I was just wondering, would I be able to feel Hashem’s support through the suffering, similar to how people feel Hashem’s closeness even more when they’re in a rough spot in this world?

    (source based answers please)

    In other words, is Hashem mercifully cleansing us, or more coldly distancing us until we’re good enough to come close?

    It would be good to have sources, if this topic is discussed, but I guess in any case, my first stop Upstairs would be to The Rebbe in any case, and I’ll take it from there….


    Also the language used when Hashem promises to punish sinners suggests a certain personal investment so to speak, (פונה אני מכל עסקי ועוסק בו) and I’m
    wonder if we know more about the “emotions” Hashem works through when He is a Kel Nekamos. I’ve heard about a letter of The Rebbe which explains that schar and onesh is automatic, that one draws upon himself from Above the corresponding consequence to his action, but we also know how every blade of grass moves with precise hashgocha protis, so it’s not like an automatic system where Hashem is not invested… so I’d love to know more


    Yungermans I can address your number 3 if anyone is interested


    Nichmas Kol Chai:

    G-d of the first and the last, G-d of all creatures, Master of all Generations, Who is extolled through a multitude of praises, Who guides His world with kindness and His creatures with mercy. Hashem is truth; He neither slumbers nor sleeps. He Who rouses the sleepers and awakens the slumberers. Who raises the dead and heals the sick, causes the blind to see and straightens the bent. Who makes the mute speak and reveals what is hidden. To You alone we give thanks!


    Cs, i don’t have time to respond to your posts right now, but i will point out one issue – Hashem does not identify with good and detests evil. That implies that such things existed without being created by Hashem. Hashem created and dictated what is good and what is bad, and informed us of what those things are.

    Reb Eliezer

    Hashem is not from any element, otherwise the element existed before Him which is impossible. Someone created the element which violates the assumption and belief of One G-d.

    Reb Eliezer

    Even though good and bad was designated by Hashem, still it says מאתו לא תצא הרעות והטוב, good and bad does not emanate from Hashem, otherwise there is no bechira, free choice.


    Some of most interesting takes on this subject was at the shuls kiddush after the mashkeh flowed freely.


    Gutte voch from my locality. Avira see the difference between mimale and sovev, but I agree with your point


    Here’s a cool deep understanding of Shema Yisrael in honor of Lag Baomer when the inner aspects of Torah were revealed (that I learned today):

    The short version: Hashem really cares about what you have in mind when you work or make supper.

    Long version:

    So when a Jew contemplates how Hashem is much greater than all of His Unlimited light, of which sparks chipped off and descended into this world for us to elevate…


    Ayin=70= 7 middos x 10 (kochos they are inclusive of)

    And the Ayin is big to represent the intellectual (as opposed to emotional) excitement that this contemplation brings

    Yisrael= the Jewish people who are tasked with bringing this revelation into all the mundane acts of their lives by doing it with a G-dly intent

    When we do this, then

    Hevaya= the Unlimited Light of Hashem becomes unified with

    Elokeinu= Bina of Atzilus- the first place we can feel that we have some grasp of the new G-dly revelation

    Hevaya = The Unlimited Light of Hashem descends further to unite with

    Echad= the lower Sefirot where one may think that G-d is not one as the Sefirot may have contradictory characters, so it unites with The Unlimited Light of Hashem to become truly One with Him, and then

    Baruch Shem Kvod Malchuso Lolam Vaed…

    The Light descends further to give all the worlds life force until it reaches us and makes physical changes in our world such as healing the sick etc.

    This is the type of stuff I love to learn about Hashem 😀😀

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