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    We always hear these really phenomenal stories of Hashgocha Protis, where people’s lives are literally saved because something minor and typically annoying happened, that prevented them from going somewhere or doing something they had planned. This is not that story, but it still reminds me that Hashem is always pulling the strings.

    This is the story of two female friends. They met around 40 years ago, and had started to develop a real kesher in the short time they knew each other, when one of them married and moved to another country. They remained in touch, writing long letters back and forth for a couple of years, but then, as often happens, they eventually lost contact. They thought of each other often, through the years, but no longer knew how to contact each other.

    Fast Foward to today. The Yeshivah World News opened the Coffee Room, where like-minded (and some not so like-minded) individuals could post their eclectic personal opinions, and unbeknownst to each other, these two long ago friends were posting to each other quite often. One called herself The Best Bubby, and the other, Oomis. It was through the offer of chessed by TBB, that Oomis (moi) came to discover that the person selflessly offering to daven for her family (and others), was actually none other than her cherished old friend!

    Through a series of coincidences (and I do not believe in coincidence, but only in incidents), when I sent the fax to the number posted, a person who actually received the fax, e-mailed to another poster here who had also sent a fax, saying that he did not know who The Best Bubby was and it was clearly sent to him in error. He didn’t yet know that TBB arranged to receive faxes from the YWN CR. The person who sent that e-mail to the other faxer, had his name on the e-mail, and she forwarded it to me, as she knew I had also sent a fax. When I saw HIS very unusual last name and recognized it, I immediately thought of my old friend, and when I saw HER name on another e-mail that was forwarded to me from her, I e-mailed her back to inquire if she was So and So whom I had once known. She was indeed, and we know her as The Best Bubby!

    So thanks to the CR, and in the spirit of the Simcha of Chodesh Adar, I have been reunited with someone from my past, whom I have missed over the years, and always spoken of with fondness. Had all these series of steps not taken place, I would probably not have discovered this, and it makes me wonder how many of here, actually DO know each other personally. Clearly, we are preserving our anonymity for a reason, but still, it makes one think…


    Lol, I always wonder that.


    Wow i am very amazed! Thanx for sharing Oomis.

    All because you both were thinking of helping other people out.

    (Through davening for them, or by giving in their names)

    Something to think about…


    so will the real Lois Lane please step forward?


    Thats a great story thank you for sharing it Oomis.

    Shticky Guy

    What a great story of two selfless individuals. So happy for both of you. Hope you live happily ever after. Thanks for sharing it on Yeshiva World News aka Friends Reunited


    I am so confused about the fax story, but it sounds nice.

    Falling out of contact with old good friends?

    Story of my life unfortunately 🙁

    big deal

    Wow. That’s great. I love witnessing reunions.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Mazal tov


    I do not deserve the credit at all. It is The Best Bubby’s chessed that led to this happening.

    The FAX inyan is simple. I sent a fax, the party who received it wasn’t expecting it and didn’t realize someone else at his place of work (TBB) was the intended recipient. He also received a second fax and let that other person know that he had no idea what this was about, and she forwarded his e-mail to me. When I saw the name he signed to his e-mail,. I recognized the man’s surname, and the rest is history. I personally had NOT heard from him myself, so I thank the person who forwarded the e-mail to me. She also has a chelek in this phone reunion.

    May everyone have a simchadig and meaningful Purim.

    The Best Bubby

    To all the dear members and moderators of the wonderful Coffee Room:


    As we all know, the power of Tefilla is phenominal, H’KBH saves each tefilla for a purpose. We each daven for certain things to happen, to help us, for others, for our families, and always Ha-Shem listens to our heartfelt tefillot, and sometimes WE feel they have not been answered as we would have liked. H’KBH saves up our tefillot and every tear shed, in our zechuot sometimes for a later date or time or for a different member of our family down the generation. AIN OD MILVADO!!!!

    If you have read another thread Shidduch segula – one I have not seen before, I wrote the story about the Shotzer Rebbe Z’TL and the late Queen Mother of England. I decided to try to help other people (in whatever capacity – zivugim hagunim, refuot, yeshuot, nechamot, zerah shel kaiimah, parnasa etc) to daven at his kever. I asked people to send in by fax, all the names that I should be mispallel I’YH on Shushan Purim, at his kever. I had asked the moderators, as did other members from here, to send on our personal emails to each other. But, alas to no avail, I was forced to give a fax # where my brother in law works. I did not tell him anything and then I mentioned to my husband that I have to get some names in a few faxes. (No one knows what I plan on doing on Shushan Purim morning). Lo and behold, on Motzei Shbbos, I received a personal email from oomis1105 and I was shocked to find out that she was my dear friend from many years ago, whom we have lost contact with, but very often thought about.

    I must admit, that being a member of the coffee room, I read most posts but do not always have the time constraints to answer, but one gets a geshmack and feel of the person who is answering and their wisdom. I always looked forward to oomis1105’s answers and her great knowledge of halacha, tenach, common sense, recipes etc. I often thought she went to a great Beis Yaakov and had a good kop, K’H, bli ayin harah. I remembered fondly my conversations with oomis1105 of many years ago, and would think if she was one and the same person. Now, thanks to the coffee room, we have been put back in touch personally!

    Wishing all Klall Yisrael a very Simchas Purim, may we all be zocher to an abundance of HAGEFEN, with a double portion of yiras shamayim ve chet, menuchas hanefesh ve guf, osher with aleph and ayin, ahavas chinum, shalom ve shalva le amaynu ve arzaynu, may all the chayalim and shevuiim come home immediately briiem ve shelamim le shalom, refuos, yeshuos, nechamos, zivugim hagunim for all who need them be karov, and zerah shel kaiimah for all who need them be karov, and may all our enemies suffer like we did and more for 5772 years, and last, but not least, may we have the Geulah ve Yeshuah for all Klall Yisrael imminently! Amen Kein Yehe Razon!!!!


    I will echo those latter sentiments and also say amein. But as to what you said about me – you make me blush…(thank you for the kind words).

    May we all have a freilichen Purim, filled with nissim and yeshuos and be zochim to the final geulah.

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