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    I have a story as well….not even in the same realm as Harmony…but here goes.

    I was in Atlanta for a week on business and had an 8 AM flight back to NY…long story short, all NY flights were either cancelled, full or leaving to late. I made arrangements where to eat and sleep for shabbos. But my biggest dilema was the fact that my suitcase was checked and there was no way to get it back.

    Short on time, me and this other frum fellow on my flight made our way to target where we were able to get pants, shirts, toiletries pjs, etc. Total cost approximatel $135.

    Two or three days after shabbos my luggage was delivered and I thought that was that. About two weeks past wehn I got a check from the airline for….get this…approximately $135 (it was a few pennies off). I saw with my own eyes, that what one spends on shabbos hashem will repay.

Viewing 51 post (of 51 total)
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