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    Looking at me on a corner street, you probably wouldn’t think I’m Jewish. My mother is, my dad’s Irish. However, I’m currently doing what I can to get closer to Judaism as a whole. I’m not enrolled in a Yeshiva, I’m in a public high school with a large Bukharian Jewish population. (My grandfather’s from Romania and my great grandfather’s from Poland.) I’m currently learning Irish and I’m enrolled in a Yiddish theatre company. One thing I want to focus on a bit is Clothing, as that’s a baby step. Where do Hasidic/Orthodox people get Jewish clothing?


    The answer to your question is simple, we get clothing in clothing stores. If you want to dress Chassidic you can go to 51st Street corner New Utrecht Avenue in Boro Park, Brooklyn and you can get A-Z in Chassidic Garb from underwear to hat.

    In my opinion, before clothing type, you would benifit with some guidance and help to feel who you really are, not who/what you want to appear as.

    Perhaps you join/stop by a shul such as Emunas Yisroel on 16th Avenue between 44th and 43rd Streets in Boro Park Brooklyn. This shul is Chassidic and English speaking too. Ask for such as Rabbi Mordechai Finkleman or Rabbi Fishel Shechter and i’m sure, they as patient as the scholar Hillel was, will be able to help you or direct you. I am sure they can set you up for Shabbos by a family who will make you feel at home and comfortable.

    Welcome back and Hatzlocha, Good Luck.


    To answer your last question, you wouldn’t believe it, but Hasidic/Orthodox people get Jewish clothing… at a store. (Oh!)

    But I’d like to address your first statement, now that you’ve shared it with us. If it is in fact true that your mother is unquestionably Jewish, then you follow, you’re a Jew. And being enrolled in public high school not in a Yeshiva is NOT going to get you closer to Judaism. Neither a Yiddish theater company. But those are your own personal decisions. Not for me to judge.

    One more thing, focusing on clothing is by no way a step anywhere, unless it’s a girl/woman doing away with untznius apparel. Anyone can sense an actor. Dressing as a ‘Hasidic/Orthodox people’ will in no way make you one, it may in fact distance you from the very direction you want to go. It’s a mistake many newcomers and welcome backers make, they dress like someone from a different lifestyle, and to the world at large only appear as an actor. It’s my personal opinion that the clothing should fit the person, not vice-versa. Again, it’s my own opinion. And I’m not judging you the very least bit.


    Good luck to you in your quest (I mean Judaism not clothing)!!!

    Many places – are you in New York?

    Queens, Kew Garden Hills has a large Bukharian community. I’m guessing you’re there. For a yarmuka, tzizis, stuff like that, try Gift World on Main Street. Clothing – not sure in Queens, but if you’re looking for dress shirts or dark pants you can go to department stores like Macys, really anywhere. Hasidic style clothing probably 13th Avenue in Boro Park would be good start.


    Is there a rabbi near your area that you could become close with or could learn with right now (maybe from an organization like Chabad, Aish, or NCSY)?


    Clothing is not the most important thing for Jews; our insides matter more than our outsides! As long as we dress modestly we are in accordance with halachah (there are indeed some specifics of what “modestly” means and any orthodox rabbi can explain). Most contemporary “Jewish” clothing styles started out as gentile clothing styles so it isn’t like they are Torah from Sinai.

    I do suggest NCSY if you are in a public school. Helping Jews in public schools is their main focus and they have guided many young Jews to the right place. You may end up more charedi or more modern, but they can help you regardless of the direction you feel is right for you. And as you figure out where you want to end up you will naturally dress accordingly. NCSY has a nice internet site ncsy dot org.

    Good luck!

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    You should try to go to The Zone or Nageela this summer. They sound like the type of camps you would be interested in.


    literal translation: If behind every beard there was wisdom, goats would be all prophets.

    First and above all, learn learn and learn. Observe all the mitzvot and do your best for Hashem. Afterwards if you want to put on a yeshivish uniform, that’s your personal choice,…but that’s an accessory thing.


    why is one of the first steps for you getting chassidis/yeshivish clothing?

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