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    When there is a sudden medical emergency, why do most Jews call hatzalah before 911 (or any other ambulance service)?


    Because they’re much faster.


    Because they have better response time, provide better service, and are more attuned to our community’s specific needs.


    Maybe they need help. Fast.


    I take it that the OP is an out-of towner-

    Hatzoola was started by a Rabbi webber in Williamsburg in the 70’s due to the slow response of the city- It started first with only oxygen tanks, and slowly grew to what it is today- the largest volunteer medical service in the world. Response times are legendary fast- and the care given is as if the EMT’s are treating family members.

    That is a few reasons why you call 230 1000 first-

    Yes, I am a member

    Feif Un

    It’s not always so clear about that. In Passaic, when the community was forming the local Hatzalah, R’ Meir Stern (the Rosh Yeshiva in Passaic) was against it. He felt the local 911 system was fine, and Hatzalah was not needed, and would cause unnecessary chilul Shabbos. They went ahead and founded it over his objections anyway.

    In Teaneck, there is no Hatzalah. There is a local volunteer EMS that is mostly Jews anyway, and their response time is excellent. On Shabbos, it is staffed by non-Jews, but the response time is still great.


    When my father had is first heart attack Erev Rosh Hashanah in 1985, my mom called me from BP. I lived in Flatbush. She told me he was coughing and couldn’t stop. I told her he was having a heart attack and she should hang up and call Hatzolah. She dialed and afterwards told me that it took them as much time as it took her to get from the bedroom to the front door to let them in. They immediately stabilized him and took him to Maimonides. By the time I got to the house from Flatbush he was already in the hospital.

    There is no other response team like Hatzolah. There are no other volunteers like Hatzolah members. Yasher Koach to all of you. I can’t even thank you enough for the services you have provided my family over the years. We thank Hashem for you over and over again.


    When I had an emergency, Hatzalah was at my house in less than two minutes. When my elderly father-in-law O”H fell in his apartment and was able to manage to get the phone and call 911, they didn’t get there for 20. Had this been a life or death situation (and when the caller is 94 that IS l & d, even if he is conscious), it could have been too late. P.S. when we had to call for emergency services for my FIL another time, he was at my hosue, so Hatzalah was called and they were there literally in one minute.


    Kol ha’kavod!

    we even got shomrim..cuz police response is V-E-R-Y slow!


    may every single member of Klal Yisroel be healthy and never, ever need any emergency services.

    That being said – a TREMENDOUS yasher koach to each and every member of Hatzola (and any other Yid that’s involved in EMS) for their endless, tireless devotion to helping and saving HaShem’s children.


    It depends where you live AND the time of day.

    At 3 AM the 911 response time will most likely be faster.

    (I used to dispatch for a hatzalah.)


    In the NY Metro Area, Hatzalah is incomparably faster at any time.


    simcha613 – Where you live -what type of EMS do they have? Do they have hatzolah or another volunteer group?


    not only is Hatzolah incredibly fast, they are very caring. My mother and I both got hurt in a car accident, and the hospital separated us because my mother needed immediate care for a head injury. My injuries were not as serious, so I was left waiting for care in the ER. The Hatzolah member who brought us in waited with me until my father arrived.

    I was 10 years old at the time. Imagine how terrified I would have been left on my own, even for a short while!

    I am sure that every single family living in NY has called Hatzolah at least once. They are absolutely amazing.


    Feif Un- Please check out the Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton website where you will see a letter from 2007 signed by many Rabbonim in Passaic/Clifton…..including the Rosh HaYeshiva, R’ Meir Stern Shlita.

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