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    hatzalah makes it a habit to dismiss a volunteer every so often to keep everyone on their toes. Dismissal could even be for something small.
    mods of the coffee Room, on the other hand, dismiss posters every so often, for no reason at all, for no crime at all.

    care to elaborate? I’m pretty sure your other username was never dissmissed


    Vos iz der shaichis fun der tzvei inyanim


    you sound so clueless.

    None of my posts go thru.
    (not even on the home page)

    Yes, that would be the term for someone who has no clue. And your post wasn’t super informative.  I did find all of your third username posts in spam, however and approved them. Better late than never.


    as i mentioned, if u send a specific post, or all of a specific poster’s posts, to spam, then it counts as deletion.
    Hate to break it to you but the posts send themselves to spam


    Im clueless or the guy writing the black text?


    Pass the popcorn, please.


    sure, after you made a filter.


    It was me, I “hacked” the system.

    The spam filter would have missed ’em.

    Participant and I were in a fight,

    So in the middle of the night,

    Quiet as a giraffe or mouse,

    I sneaked into Participant’s house.

    Using Participants name and IP,

    I posted about a million and three

    Annoying spam posts on YWN

    To ensure that Participant would never again

    Be able to post in the coffee room

    After I sent his account to its doom.

    My apologies, I never intended

    For this to end the way it ended

    For though I’d be happy if I prevailed,

    I am quite sorry that I failed.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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