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    How does the minhag of putting ?????????? wine on your eyes and in your pocket work? How many times and where do you put it?

    And what is the source and who adheres to this minhag yisroel?


    The Granat used to do it


    Three times at the sides of one’s eyes saying each time

    mitzvahs Hashem Borah Me’iras Eynoyim.

    We use our pinkys. I’m not sure if it’s cuz it’s more practical

    or that’s the part of it.

    Three times in each pocket (side by side) saying Zareinu V’chaspeinu Yarbeh Kachoil, V’chakochavim Baloyloh.


    To put on the eyes is for Chivuv Mitzvah!

    Pockets I guess chivuv Banim, & todays proper way of showing it $$$)



    “Zareinu V’chaspeinu Yarbeh Kachoil, V’chakochavim Baloyloh” appears twice (once in begging and once at the end) in Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L’Chol. You put it in your pocket by both? And do you repeat “Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L’Chol” a third time, to repeat Zareinu V’chaspeinu Yarbeh Kachoil?

    Also, you only put it in your pants pockets or your jacket pockets a well? And what do you mean by “side by side”?

    And where does it say Mitzvahs Hashem Borah Me’iras Eynoyim?


    Tomche: I assume your confusion comes from the tough transliteration, but it’s in Tehillim and part of Shabbos Pesukei D’Zimrah.


    When is it recited Motzei Shabbos?

    (“Zareinu V’chaspeinu Yarbeh Kachoil, V’chakochavim Baloyloh” is part of Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L’Chol, which you say right after Havdalah.)


    I saw people using index finger as well, so I guess there’s alota Minhagin how to go about it.

    Also saw people putting wine on the back of the neck. (which I think comes from a Gemara that there’s a bone in the neck that takes nutrition only from the Havdala wine)


    To put it in your pocket is a segulah for your dry cleaner’s parnossa.


    Is this a widespread minhag or a Chasidisha minhag?


    Dont get me wrong;

    The Gemara says that there’s a bone in the neck that takes nutrition only from the “Seudas Melaveh Malka”

    and that bone doesn’t disintegrate, and from that bone we will rise

    T’chiyas Hameisim.

    I don’t recall anything about that having a/t 2do w/ havdallah wine.

    Tomche; we say it as I wrote it, separately not with ha’mav’dil.

    Minhag is pants pockets, i put in my jacket pockets as well,

    since i don’t want them feel left out. I’m caring, that way.


    The bone is the etzem luz but I think the idea of havdolo wine for it came much later than the gemoro.

    golden mom

    back of the neck could be (no joke) that they had pain there there is something to put the havdolah wine on parts of the body that hurt or need a refuah in anyway! there is also a sugulah to put on the mouth of a child who doesnt speak yet (delayed) and u say st dont remember what

    supposly alot of koach the hadolah wine

    some even springle it by the door to their house 3x


    Talking about Segulos… there’s an interesting Segulah I once heard to put Havdalah wine on warts…


    My (not to be taken seriously) kasha is:

    Why are we putting the wine in our Shabbosdike clothing?

    If we’re doing it for parnassa, it should be put in our work pants!

    golden mom

    yup i heard that too same like putting on parts of body that hurt

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