Have you ever received a traffic ticket that you did not deserve?

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    The current conversation about traffic tickets got me curious.
    Recieving a traffic ticket is clearly never the highlight of anyone’s day. However, if you’re honest with yourself, you often know the truth.
    I’m a careful driver most of the time, but let’s face it – we all have our bad days occasionally. And yes, I’ve been pulled over by the police before. Twice, in fact. Once I was ticketed, the other time I was let off with a stern warning. Thoroughly unpleasant experiences. However, I’ll be honest: Both times, it was deserved. If I had been a police officer, I would have ticketed myself.
    So, I’m curious about your experiences. Have you ever been pulled over or ticketed for something that was entirely undeserved?


    traffic ticket, no
    but parking tickets multiple times
    I once got a ticket for parking on the sidewalk when I was parked normally on the street, not even a little on the sidewalk. I appealed that but the judge said ‘well the policeman says you were’ and I got the fine plus court costs. I never bothered appealing after that.


    No, never.


    I got warnings several times when I fully admitted that I was wrong, saying something like – I drove here for years and knew where you are hiding, but still pressed the gas too strong! (the road goes down there right after a turn).

    In another case, long time ago, while driving in a different state, a policeman pushed behind me in the left lane in an unmarked car at night and when I accelerated to let him go, he ticketed me. I wrote a nice letter to the judge with a map of the location and all details – and the case was dismissed. I am thinking: if a policeman did something questionable to you, he most likely did this to others also, and a judge would know.

    In the parking case – mail in pictures.


    Did you ever get a ticket that you deserved?

    Sam Klein

    If you ever C”V did get a ticket that you feel was completely undeserving for you to get consider it a punishment directly from Hashem perhaps of the amount of the ticket is same amount of charging a customer more than supposed to in your business etc….. Many other examples of why Hashem has to take away people’s money as a favor and gift in this temporary physical world to get punished in this world.


    NO ONE IS MAKING EVEN A PENNY MORE THEN SAID BY HASHEM ON ROSH HASHANAH. Except we all have the gift of FREE WILL and free choice which means a person can make 40,0000 honestly or C”V 50,000 dishonestly and get 10,000 of damage to their house or car C”V and still walks away ending up with the same 40,000 plus the stress and pain he went through. I personally don’t know anyone who would choose the second choice.

    Let’s all be %100 honest in all departments in our life. It’s not worth the stress and pain added as punishment C”V


    I got pulled over while driving with my wife. Cop says we weren’t wearing seat belts. In fact we were. We went to court, hoping somehow we’d get lucky. We didn’t. Cop showed up and lied through his teeth. Cost us almost $400 and I think some points. Welcome to traffic court, where you are guilty until proven innocent.
    How insane is this system that with no evidence but the cop’s word, you get fined hundreds of dollars?
    If there had been an anti-cop riot going on then, I likely would’ve considered joining in.


    I think I should get a dashcam. They seem to help many people in situations with lying policemen.


    a good idea to get a dashcam. Then, you’ll be able to review your behavior. Also, there are apps that record phone accelerometer. Count of times you had to break at high-g is a good predictor of your chance of getting into an accident. So, if your count increases over time or is higher than your peers, you need to change how – or where, or when, or whether – you should drive.

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