Have you ever seen a Ghost? I mean a real one.

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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Meanwhile, I’ll join Mod 80 and retract as well.

    I’ll rephrase my skepticism and say that I don’t know if there are ghosts that are visible but not tangible (i.e. you can put your hand through them).


    when i was at yeshiva ketanah in israel, there was still buzz about the dibbuk from a year or 2 earlier.. i cant believe it was a hoax, from gedolim too 🙁 really out of order to lie like that just for votes


    Rebbi was not a ghost, it was more like Eliyahu Hanavi. When people that you know and relate to have seen something there is no reason to disregard it. Abductions are related by anonyous people that might be the dreamy type. However, I don’t dismiss their experience either. I think the scientific explanations of mass hypnosis don’t really hold water. They are forced explanations by those who are not open minded enough to say, maybe.


    HaLevi: I guess you are talking about intangibility in your distinction between a ghost and Eliyahu Hanavi?

    Are you suggesting that if someone sat in kisei shel Eliyahu, he would actually feel Eliyahu? I would guess that Eliyahu is visible and tangible to some while at the same time remaining invisible and intangible to those that aren’t zocheh.

    Also, if Rebbe made kiddush he must have been able to hold the cup. I don’t he would make kiddush without holding the cup with all five fingers.

    Personally, I think that without reaching some madreigah of kiddushah it would be impossible to see a neshamah. I recall seeing somewhere that Eliyahu Hanavi and malachim have to put on some type of body when coming into our world. It sounds counter-intuitive to me that a person who died would be given this levush too.

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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