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    Just as the struggles of the left are reawakening and strengthening throughout the world – this is what happened tonight in Israel as well. The left is alive and well. And tonight the leftists returned to Meretz.”

    “We will defeat the Bibists and the Kahanists – those who want to run over the leftists, crush their bones, put us on trains and send us out of here

    This is Head of meretz’s comments – totally new hasagos in kefira and misunderstanding o

    Woman, are you kookoo kookoo kookoo?

    Totally totally totally crazy?

    How can you caompare yidden am hanivchar holy people, purpose of the creation of the world

    with “leftists” around the world

    How can you suggests that “Biblists” [if somewhat misguided] want to send you “on trains”

    They want to keep only only only yidden in this very special holy unique place where the creation of the world started.

    המחזיר אבידה לעכו”ם עובר בעשה, למען ספות הרוה את הצמאה

    ועליו נאמר לא יאבה ה’ סלוח לו!!!!!

    Someone who unfortunately does not recognise her own uniqueness it the highest level of nebech possible.

    May Hashem grant you a Refua shleima besoich she’or choilei Yisroel,

    May we all do teshuva sheleima mamesh bekoroiv

    recognize the uniqueness of our nation

    of our land

    of our true potential

    ןמךאה הארץ דעת את ה’ כמים לים מכסים

    ויאמר כל אשר נשמה באפו ה’ א’ ישראל מלך

    Madam, this is what we really all want in our neshamos

    the “Biblists” and the gedolim may have different opinions how to get there but it is what we want

    and where we are going to reach very very soon

    כה אמר ה’ צב’ בימים ההמה אשר יחזיקו עשרה אנשים מכל לשנות הגוים והחזיקו בכנף איש יהודי לאמר נלכה עמכם כי שמענו א’ עמכם


    Lapid said the same thing in a interview with bbc
    (People need to vote for me because thats where the world
    is heading) refering to the rise of the left and far left
    as zehava galon said it.
    which proves he is worse than meretz
    Also when she bacame leader of meretz lapid congodulated
    her saying “i look forward to working with you i admire
    your ideology and you poltical experince” hes speaks silent language
    To meretz voters who are unhappy with its
    Political instablity
    But he also atracts stupid voters who believe that hes centre
    because he calls himself that


    Sounds like the internal politics of the National Socialist Party in the Weimar Republic, circa 1930s.


    What’s congodulated?

    I am not debating the kefira of lapid or למעלה B G or Zev J etc…

    I still think that the comment quoted from Lapid just refers tothe fact that after all the hashkaphos of Jews especially [not only] unfrum reflects that of the Non Jews.

    The years when Zionism peaked many other countries demanded their independence too.

    However Galon had clearly expressed that
    a) there is no difference between a Jew na dNon Jew chas ve’shalmo
    b) she misunderstands the right as only caring and wanting themselves, while in fact ther are based on realising the maalas of am yisroel and eretz yisroel


    Meretz head zehava galon called the merger of smutrich
    And ben gvir a bunch of thugs
    Source the times of israel ,haaretz



    i am sorry to hear

    a yid should never refer to another yid with that language

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