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    YWN COFFEE ROOM, has brought us many different types of threads, from learning, to recipes. I was thinking we add another one concerning our health and well being. .

    Anyone here a doctor, nurse, tech, paramedic, emt, first responders, cert, personal trainer, nutritionist, or just knowledgeable in the health or fitness field, who would like to give any advice or answer any questions people may have?

    Does anyone have questions or concerns about anything Health/Fitness wise? Do you have something specific you would like to discuss or share?

    Y.W. Editor

    Thanks for the idea. Please notice that this a new section was in fact opened, and your new thread was moved into that area.


    Do we get a fashion and beauty section too or is that a no-no here?


    This area needs a disclaimer and here it is.


    This forum is for general discussions. Medical advice provided in this forum should not be relied upon. Please consult your doctor for all medical issues.

    This is similar to all the halachic posts where after all is written, one must consult their Rav.


    YW Editor – No problem, thanks for putting it up 🙂

    YW Moderator – This disclaimer is a great idea and very true.


    Does anyone have experience with trichotillomania? any advice?


    There is a great support site for that on the web

    hope this helps!


    As an EMT, i can never emphasize enough the importance of properly securing your child into an age appropriate restraint system every time the car is in motion, regardless of how short the trip. To my horror, i have seen mothers with infants on their laps driving around the complex. That borders on child neglect, if it isn’t full blown abuse.

    Our children cannot protect themselves. They rely on us to keep them safe. I am also a certified child seat inspector, so if you are unsure regarding the use of a car seat, please post your question and I will be glad to provide you with guidance, so that our most precious possessions can remain safe!


    yossi, why not post common directions to secure a car seat properly? Yasher Koach


    Yossi, thank you. I do know about this website, they are excellent. just wondering if anybody out there in yeshiva world knows about this.


    Here are some general guidelines for choosing and using a car seat:

    1. All car seats sold on the US marke are safe, they all pass strict government guidelines. You should choose a car seat that is easy to use, to ensure it is used properly.

    2. Chose a seat that is appropriate for your child’s weight and height.

    3. Always follow the installation and usage outlined in the manual. Every seat is different, so do not assume you know the correct way to use and install it.

    4. The center of the back seat, facing Rear is the absolute safest place for a baby. Keep the baby rear facing as long as the seat allows. Even though technically, you can make the child forward facing at 1 year and 20 pounds, it is MUCH safer to keep the child rear facing up to the weight limit of the seat. The reason for this is that the most common crashes involve head on, frontal collision. When the child is rear facing, the impact causes the baby to be forced back into the seat, thereby cushioning his body. If the baby were forward facing in this type of collision, his body is propelled forward into the straps. Since a toddlers breast bone is not yet developed, this can cause serious internal injury. So in short, Keep your child rear facing as long as possible, as inconvenient as this might be!!

    5. NEVER use any attachments or add-on to the seat unless they came with the seat. This includes toys, straps, cushions, etc. When the car seat is tested for crash worthiness, it is tested without anything interfering with its strap and impact systems. There is no way to know how a car seat will react in a crash with ANYTHING extra on it that could affect how it reacts. Why do they sell them then , you may ask? who knows, but all car seat manufacturers will give you this same advice

    6. Never use rear facing view mirrors that attach to the back seat or around that area. In a crash, the rear facing seat is actually lifted off the cars seat and propelled towards the rear of the car. This places the baby in a “cocoon” to prevent being hit from flying debris. If a mirror is on the rear seat, the baby’s face can impact it, causing serious injury.

    I hope this helps and feel free to post any questions you have regarding car seat usage.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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