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    Ben Levi

    In case anyone isn’t following there is a heartbreaking situation going on right now in Cnada where the Doctors have decided they will withhold Medical Care from a two year old child Ruchoma Leeba Bas Dina Malka because they feel the child will not have a suffecient “quality of life” creating a situation of true Pikuach Nefesh. This is something Candadian Law allows them to do.

    I am wondering when those Orthodox Jews that are Pro the Democrats version of “health Care reform’ see a story like this how do they justify their position?

    In addition I am wondering in light of the above mentioned story which is sadly becoming more and more commonplace, is it not incumbent upon Torah Jews to loudly and Forcefully protest any Government control of Health Care?


    I haven’t heard about this. What happened to the child?


    I hadn’t heard of this either; I would have assumed that YWN would have covered it if it were a real case.


    If you Google the child’s name, you’ll find the news story.


    I found the following about this little Yiddishe girl (it was posted 2 days ago):

    I wanted to update everyone with the current situation concerning Ruchoma Leeba bas Dena Malka, who is 2 weeks old.

    The doctors told us on Friday that their prognosis is that she will not be able to live off of a respirator, since her lungs are underdeveloped and wont develop sufficiently in the future (her kidneys are also unhealthy and would need a transplant in the future).

    Also, the head doctors are switching as of tomorrow which could mean a more optimistic doctor in charge.

    Not a pashut situation and we are davening for a nais.

    Thank you for your ongoing support,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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